It Only Takes THREE THINGS to Reach Your Health and Weight Loss Goals & Live the Life of Your Dreams

Consistency, Commitment, & Confidence!

Let me show you the way

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Download the Free Habit Tracker and learn the simple habits that create lasting weight loss results - without spending hours and hours at the gym or having to give up your favourite foods.

It's time to break the dieting "rules" and learn how to lose weight one last time - for good

I know it’s possible because my online weight loss coaching program has helped hundreds of women just like you, do exactly that.

Are you ready to get off the lose weight loss roller coaster?

To stop constantly thinking about food and feeling insecure about how you look?

To know the handful of habits that make all the difference in the world and how to do them consistently?

To be surrounded by the love & support you need to truly succeed?

To actually believe in yourself and know that it's possible to reach your goals - for good this time!?

I'm Esther.

I’m an online weight loss coach, personal trainer and sports nutritionist & have been working with women just like you since 2006

I started EA Coaching online in 2015 after meeting my now – husband who’s in the Navy and knowing I didn’t want to table my career to follow him around the country (world, now).

My career has taken me from personal training in Boston to corporate fitness in San Diego to training clients in my garage in Hawaii to an array of online weight loss coaching services and a home base in Germany!

Throughout my 17+ years of education, professional experience, and personal trial-and-error, I've come to realize the true equation for lasting success is:

Everything I have created is with the goal of helping you master these 3 Cs of success.

I’m a mom of one, lover of brunch, and on a mission to help women like you build unshakable confidence, with a body to match, so you can live your life, pursue your passions, and leave your mark on the world.

The Podcast

If you’re tired of gaining and losing the same weight, feeling like you’re the only person out there struggling, and want to learn how to lose weight and live your healthiest, happiest, and most confident life – without perpetual dieting – this podcast is for you.

Online weight loss coach, fitness industry veteran, certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist & coaches, Esther Avant, will help you learn how to enjoy the process of truly changing your lifestyle and guest interviews will help you realize you are not alone in your struggles.

  • 207. Quitting the Clean Plate Club with Lisa Salizar

  • 206. {Bite-Sized Episode} Macro Considerations for Vegetarians

  • 205. Saving Money on Groceries with Freda Waller

  • 204. {Bite-Sized Episode} Supplements That Are (& Aren't) a Waste of Money

  • 203. What Is Pilates & Should You Be Doing It with Kate Boyle

  • 202. {Bite-Sized Episode} How I Stopped Snacking So Much (Exact Steps)

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