100. Getting Out of the Habit of Overexercising with Meg Davis

Getting Out of the Habit of Overexercising

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When you’re working on health and wellness, getting out of the habit of overexercising may seem counterintuitive to what you believe you should be doing. BUT, in this episode, we’re here to tell you why, in some cases, it’s exactly what you need to be doing.

Coach Meg is back and we’re talking all about exercise: how your all-or-nothing mentality is either preventing you from starting in the first place or has left you terrified of rest days, and how to find your happy medium.

Both Meg and I have experienced our fair share of attempting to maintain a lifestyle of quantity over quality when it comes to exercising and what we’ve learned is that it’s simply not sustainable in the long term.

When the goal of exercise is to continue exercising throughout life, there comes a time when we have to evaluate whether the approach we are taking is supporting that goal or not. What we’ve both found is that when overexercising leads to things like burnout, constant fatigue and even injury then we aren’t working towards the goal of longevity.

Something Meg says her clients come to realize when they scale back on their exercise is that often they will see more progress than when they were spending hours of their lives each day in the gym, because for the first time they’re exercising with intentionality.

You’ll Learn:
✅about when we realized we needed to get out of the habit of overexercising
✅the value of quality over quantity when it comes to exercise
✅why it’s important to not allow overexercising to “become your identity”
✅how we speak to (and about) ourselves can help break the habit of overexercising

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