102. Challenging Your Beliefs About Stress

Challenging Your Beliefs About Stress

In This Episode

In this episode of The Live Diet-Free Podcast, I’m challenging your beliefs about stress.

When you think of taking the right steps to reduce the stress in your life it probably feels damn near impossible.

You hear all of the advice, but you can’t help but wonder how any of it is truly applicable to your life.

You can’t give your kids away, you can’t quit your job, it doesn’t seem like there’s anyway to cut down on your stressors and it feels really defeating.

What if I told you that the key to feeling better about the stress you feel in your life isn’t to eliminate it altogether?

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Sure, Esther, not eliminating the stress will definitely help me feel better.”

But, that’s just it, you’ll never be able to fully eliminate the stressors of life, but what you can do is adjust how you think about and respond to that stress.

In her book, The Upside of Stress, author Kelly McGonigal encourages her readers to flip the script on stress and look at the possible benefits that can come with feeling stressed.

You’ll Learn:
✅why living with some stress isn’t a bad thing
✅the importance of a positive stress mindset and how to cultivate that
✅about different stress responses
✅how to adjust your relationship with stress

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