105. Diet Rules: Which to Break & Which to Keep

Ep 105 Diet Rules

In This Episode

You probably don’t even realize how many diet “rules” you believe – and try to follow – that aren’t serving you and you need to ditch.

Have you heard that you shouldn’t eat past 7 p.m.?

Maybe you’ve heard that if you eat any more than 1200 calories per day, you’ll never lose weight?

What about the one about how carbs WILL without doubt prevent weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, and health in general, rules like those do nothing more than try to shove you all into the same black and white box.

The reality is that it’s very unlikely that most of you fit into the same boxes and you need to focus on the things that make you successful – things like the Big Rocks that you’ve heard me talk about before.

When you try to blindly follow all these black and white rules, you’re probably missing opportunities to create your own “rules” that would make it easier to reach your goals.

Think about it like this…

The way your life looks now very likely looks much different than the life you lived 5, 10, 15 years ago and it also looks very different from how it will look 5, 10, 15 years in the future.

When you think about creating “rules” to follow to reach your goals, you need think about how those rules will fit into your life. Think about how they look in action and how successful you’ll be at implementing them.

This episode will help you learn which rules to ditch, which to keep, and how to trust yourself to know the difference in the future.

You’ll Learn:
✅some of the most common diet rules
✅how prioritizing the Big Rocks can help you block out some of the diet noise you see & hear.
✅about parameters for setting your own “rules”
✅why having a good coach is a lot like having a GPS for wellness & life

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