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112. Losing Weight While Traveling

Ep 112 Losing Weight While Traveling

Is traveling one of the big monkey wrenches that’s making it impossible to lose weight?

Whether you’re traveling for work or for pleasure, you don’t want to miss this:

Kerri is down 45+ pounds over the last 15 months while traveling multiple times per month and she’s dishing all her secrets.

Steal her and Coach Meg’s best tips for losing weight while traveling and go from constantly stressing about upcoming trips to navigating them – and their temptations – with ease!

You can listen to the episode here…

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, once a quarter or every week, losing weight while traveling is possible!

Keep reading to find out how:

Building Your "Travel Toolbox"

Trying to lose weight while you’ve got a calendar full of travel dates may seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.

The simplest way to prevent traveling from overwhelming you is to build a “travel toolbox” that will help you navigate the situations that may cause you to lose commitment to your goals.

  • Everyone’s “travel toolbox” looks different but a good place to start building yours is by thinking about things like:
  • Do you need to pack any snack foods that will keep you from grabbing a high calorie option at the airport or hotel?
  • Can you pre-log any of your meals in your tracker so you can build the rest of  the day around those?
  • If there will be alcohol, do you have a plan for how you’ll approach this? A drink limit or maybe even choosing a non-alcoholic option?
  • What can you wear to help you get in steps while you wait in the airport?
  • What are some quick bodyweight workouts you can do in your hotel room?
  • What small items (like mini bands) can you pack to add some resistance to body weight exercises?

After you go through the process a few times, thinking ahead like this will become second nature.

Navigating Social Situations

Whether entertaining business clients or at an all-inclusive resort with family, traveling usually comes with social situations that can feel tricky to navigate with your weight loss goals in mind.

It can feel like an internal battle between staying committed to your plan and just giving in just so you don’t stick out.

Most people don’t think about you nearly as much as you think they do.

The stress and anxiety about what to order is generally more in your head than anything else. Your coworkers or family members likely won’t give a second thought to your choices – and if they are, that says more about them than it does you! 

If you do run across someone who has something to say, remember that you don’t have to justify your choices to anyone and “no, thank you,” is a complete sentence.

Losing weight while traveling does require learning to think and approach things differently than you have in the past but the legwork you put in before your next trip will be SO worth it when you come back feeling even better than when you left!

If you want some help building your own “travel toolbox,” check out our 1:1 coaching program, Gone For Good!

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