115. [Remy’s Story] Breaking the Hold the Scale Has Over You

Imagine this – you wake up, stumble to the bathroom, step on the scale and the number staring back at you is higher than you expected.

Then you continue this cycle day after day until it begins effecting your mood and relationships with those around you.

This is exactly what happens when you tie your progress to the number on the scale and turn a blind eye to all of the other indicators that show that you are in fact making progress.

EA Coaching client Remy found her self stuck in a perpetual cycle of losing and gaining the same weight and focusing all of her efforts on seeing a specific number on her scale.

In today’s podcast, Remy shares with us some of the ways she went from a multiple times per day weigher to not stepping on the scale for months and finally feeling free from the hold it had on her.

You can listen here or by clicking the link below.

Or keep reading to learn more about how Remy shifted her mindset about the scale.

The Coaching Difference

When Remy started working with Coach Meg, she admitted to putting a heavy emphasis on what the scale told her about her progress.

She found herself struggling with gaining and losing the same 10-15lbs over and over. She resorted to drastic “diets” that made her miserable to get the scale to drop only to see it jump right back up once the diet was over.

The final straw for Remy was when she came back from a family vacation and the scale just wouldn’t cooperate and she realized how negative it was impacting her mood.

Coach Meg offered Remy a challenge – don’t get on the scale and instead focus on other indicators of progress.

Remy took the challenge and two and a half months later she still hasn’t been on the scale.

She started noticing how her clothes fit, how her measurements were changing, and how her performance in the gym was improving and stopped worrying about the scale displaying a magic number that isn’t so magic after all.

Making It Last

Once Remy realized that she didn’t need to be held hostage by an ambiguous number she started looking for ways to make the mindset switch and lifestyle changes sustainable.

She’s built in daily habits that have kept her on the path of sustainability without sacrificing her quality of life. 

One of the most important habits that Remy has implemented is something we refer to as “life admin” at EA Coaching.

She starts the week off by planning out what her days will look like and scheduling her workouts and nutrition ahead of time instead of trying to make it fit into her schedule on the fly.

Remy also realized that she could increase her daily movement by adding in some intentional walking where she could throughout the day. On top of increasing her activity level, she also noticed that it helped clear her mind.

Another habit that has helped Remy’s mindset shifts is making time to journal a few times per week.

Remy has created a list of BAMs (bare ass minimums) for herself and is committed to sticking to them whether she’s home or traveling.

Her commitment to herself coupled with Coach Meg’s guidance have turned Remy from someone who was ruled by the number on the scale to someone living her most confident life without giving that number a second thought.

It is possible and you are capable of doing the same!

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