117. How to Make This Year Different

How to Make This Year Different

In this week’s episode of the Live Diet-Free podcast, I’m breaking down the 3 C’s that nearly all women need to address in order to make this year different: commitment, confidence, and consistency.

Take a deep dive with me into the 3 layers of the Gone For Good framework that will help you make all 3 of those C’s your superpowers this year. 

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Or keep reading to learn more about how you can make this year different by mastering the 3 Cs of success:

“Get healthier” is the #1 New Year’s resolution each year – and yet, only 10% of people stick with it!


New Year excitement and enthusiasm is great – while it lasts – but what happens once the newness has worn off?

What you really need is to develop the commitment, confidence, and consistency to keep going no matter what is happening in your life. 

Here’s what to lookout for & how to make this year different:

What Lacking Consistency Looks Like

Have you ever said, “I know what to do, I’m just not doing it?”

That thought process is keeping you stuck in this cycle of wanting to make a lasting change, but never quite following through.

A lack of consistency is often coming from a place of actually not knowing what to do. Or, at least not knowing how to implement the things you do know.

Without taking consistent action towards your goals, you’re going to find yourself beating your head against a wall trying to find the right answer instead of just taking a step to the right and walking through the doorway.

What Lacking Confidence Looks Like

Lacking confidence isn’t always an in-your-face kind of thing.

It can sneak into your mindset through little thoughts like, “why bother, it never work?” or a fear of failure that continually chip away at the confidence you once had until you’re too afraid to take action.

What Lacking Commitment Looks Like

One of the questions we ask all our new online weight loss coaching clients is “On a scale from 1-10 how committed are you to really making this a priority and doing what it takes to to make lasting changes?”

The response is almost never 10 out of 10.

The lack of commitment to yourself and your goals will hold you back simply because without it, you won’t be able to be consistent or confident.

If you’re not committed, time after time, you’re going to find reasons not to do the things – affecting your consistency – and when you are no longer consistent you will lose the confidence you had in yourself to be someone who follows through.

What Happens When One of The 3 Cs is missing

A snowball effect that is enough to cause you to give up on your goals before you even get started.

This is where our Gone for Good framework comes in and will help you make this year different than any other before.

Gone for Good Framework

If you want to make this year different, you first have to address the root of how do I become more confident, more committed, and more consistent?

Our Gone for Good Framework addresses three components to change, specifically how they apply to health and weight loss, that will answer those questions and more for you.

Component 1: The “Big Rocks” of Exercise & Nutrition

These are the key behaviors that make the biggest difference when it comes to improving your health and losing weight:

  • calorie, protein, and fiber intakes
  • strength training
  • daily steps
  • rest and recovery
  • learning to collect data
  • tracking the things that matter and using that to make meaningful changes going forward.

When you learn & master the “Big Rocks”, you’ll:

  • get better results with shorter workouts so you can spend your time doing what you actually enjoy
  • have the freedom to eat normal foods you actually like instead of feeling like you’re on a diet
  • learn to track what matters without the overwhelm and fluff, even if you’ve tried before & failed.

Component 2: Compassionate Ownership

Compassionate ownership means being empathetic towards yourself while also learning to be fully accountable and responsible for the things in your life that you can control, which are your attitude, your effort, and your actions.

When you learn to implement compassionate ownership you’ll be able to:

  • develop the self-awareness to know exactly what’s holding you back so you can overcome & not be held back any longer
  • tackle any challenge in your way with your own Obstacle Toolbox, even long after coaching ends
  • become the healthiest, happiest, most confident version of yourself, without needing to halt everything else in your life to become her.

Component 3: Comprehensive Support

In order to develop confidence in yourself and the belief that you can achieve your goals, you need comprehensive support.

This means support that’s not cookie cutter advice that you could find anywhere on the internet, but support that is tailored to you and support from other women who are going through (or have gone through) the same things.

Having comprehensive support allows you to:

  • learn and grow every week with dynamic feedback from coaches who know you as a person, not just a number
  • develop a trusted advisory board to help you navigate any situation, without needing to leave your house
  • nurture deep relationships with women who understand you and want to see you succeed, even if you don’t have support in your “real” life.

Self-Awareness & the Obstacle Toolbox

Developing self-awareness is crucial for the three components of the Gone for Good framework to come together and help you make this year different.

Realizing that there are things about yourself that you would like to change is the first step and then from there you can begin to also develop awareness about the obstacles that are standing in your way.

Once you’ve developed the appropriate self-awareness and identified the obstacles, you can begin building your Obstacle Toolbox.

If you imagine this as an actual toolbox that you can open and see all of the tools to help you reach your goals, it’s likely that at first, it’s just going to look like a jumbled mess.

But, as you begin to navigate the changes and identify the roadblocks, you’ll be able to differentiate more easily which tool you need to take out to help you move past it.

If you are really interested in taking the steps to make this year different, start by developing self-awareness, work on building your obstacle toolbox, and if you want help along the way, check out www.estheravant.com/coaching for more information about our Gone for Good program.

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