123. [Rachel’s Story] On How Planning is the Key To Success

Do you ever feel like your wants and needs get shoved further and further down the list while you’re working hard to make sure everyone else’s are met?

Between work, kids, significant others, friends, family members, pets, the neighbor who wants to chat for half an hour every time they see you, it can start to feel like there’s no time in the day to stay committed to your goals.

Today’s client spotlight on the Live Diet-Free Podcast is no stranger to learning to find time to maintain her commitments to herself while continuing to show up for those around her.

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Who is Rachel

Rachel is a full-time working mom of 9-year-old twin boys who spends two hours commuting to work each day and even more hours at the practice fields with her kids.

She has always been a fit and competitive person, but found herself feeling like she was missing part of her identity after having her boys.

After that realization, Rachel signed up for EA Coaching to change that.

She knew that she could try to figure it out on her own, but instead, she decided why not get the support she knew she needed to be successful.

Planning Ahead

With Coach Emilia’s guidance, Rachel decided that the top three areas she wanted to focus on were increasing her water intake, improving her meal prep skills, and finding a way to fit strength training into her routine.

She knew the only way to successfully implement the changes was to have a solid plan in place for each of them.

Rachel shares about how she sits down at the beginning of every week to map out what her days are going to look like – including how often she needs to be drinking her water, what she’ll do when the mid-week slump hits and her prepped dinners don’t look quite as good as they did on Sunday, and the three days she’ll strength train.

She found that after a while she was able to loosen up on some of the strict tracking she was doing initially, because she knew her plan worked and built the habits to stick to it.

Fitness Anywhere

With active twin boys who keep her running to and fro, Rachel knows that it’s important to make the best use of the time she has when she has it.

When her sons are at their two hour practices, she takes that time to walk the trails near the field instead of spending that time driving 30 minutes back home and then 30 minutes back to get him.

Even on days she’s tired and the practices are late in the evening, she knows that she can consistently get that movement in.

On days she’s not at the practice field, she’s created a routine with her family that allows her to come in from work and get her workouts in first thing.

Everyone is on the same page, the recognize that it makes her feel better, and she’s able to get that alone time guilt free to focus on her goals.

It’s easy to see a packed schedule and tell yourself that there’s just not enough time in the day to get it all done, but as Rachel says, “The truth is, is that yours, mine, and everyone else has the same or similar struggles. My situation isn’t any different. There are plenty of moms that have practices, they’ve got more kids than I do, and they’re going different places…and so, I can’t use this as an excuse to not do the things that I know are best for me.”

Letting Go of Deadlines

Wanting to reach a goal by a certain point isn’t always a bad thing, but if you’re going to spend more time beating yourself up over not meeting your goal within that time, it can be.

Rachel decided that letting go of the timeline she had in her head of when she was going to reach the end helped her be more mentally prepared to continue working.

She found that when she committed herself to the process instead of an end goal she felt better about herself compared to when she tried to stick to a strict deadline.

Rachel shared that she’s now a person who is committed to the Big Rocks for the rest of her life and she will continue to improve and get better as she goes so there’s no reason to assign an end date.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Big Rocks and how mastering them can help you stay committed to your goals for the long-term, check out https://estheravant.com/coaching for more info.

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