127. [Brenda’s Story] Building “I Know I Can Do It” Confidence

What would you try if you believed that you would succeed?

For Brenda, it’s losing 20 pounds, dropping 2 clothing sizes, and, oh ya, a 100 mile gravel bike ride!

In today’s client spotlight episode of the Live Diet-Free podcast, Brenda shares her tips for building confidence, consistency, and an attitude of, “why not try?”

I know you’ll be inspired by everything she has to say.

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Developing a "Can Do" Attitude

When it comes to setting goals for yourself, one of the most difficult parts of the process is deciding that you can actually reach the goal.

When the going gets tough, throwing in the towel is a lot easier than buckling down and figuring out why you’re actually struggling.

Our client, Brenda, is a perfect example of what can happen when you do the hard work of rewriting stories you’ve told yourself about your limitations.

She learned how to take compassionate ownership about where she was and where she wanted to be. Through that process, she started to see obstacles as something she could develop skills to work through.

She began creating habits and filling her toolbox with skills that would allow her to take on challenges with the mindset of “I know I can do it,” as opposed to letting self-doubt win.

Rethinking What Progress Looks Like

It would be nice of reaching weight loss (or any) goals was a linear and straightforward process but that’s not reality.

Road bumps and unexpected twists are inevitable and what’s important to remember, is that they don’t have to stop you in your tracks. Progress will not be linear and all of those “life things” that happen that you believe are threatening your progress are really just helping you hone the skills in your toolbox so when the next bump comes along, you’re better prepared.

Next Steps

For Brenda, the next stop on your journey is completing a 100 mile gravel bike ride, but if you’re more focused on building the consistency and confident you need to get off the weight loss roller coaster, take this 30-second quiz to find out how to get off – for good – and start developing your own “can do” attitude that will lead to lasting change.

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