140. [Jenny’s Follow-Up Story] STAYING 12/10 Committed To Your Goals For The Long Run

In today’s episode of the Live Diet-Free podcast, I’m catching up with Gone For Good graduate, Jenny, to learn what’s possible when you commit to a health-focused lifestyle without an end date.

Since her original spotlight episode last year, she’s still 12/10 committed to her goals, connected to her Why, down another 30 pounds, and making progress the 2020 version of herself couldn’t even fathom.

We’re chatting all about:
✅ developing self-confidence and challenging yourself
✅ the importance of surrounding yourself with strong women
✅ continuing a healthy lifestyle for years to come

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Developing Self-Confidence

When Jenny first came to EA Coaching, she was working out at home with minimal equipment and now she’s regular in-person at the gym using weights and equipment she never thought possible.

How did she do it?

Through her work with Coach Meg, Jenny developed the self-confidence to try hard things even if it seemed scary at first.

Using a method I often use, instead of letting the realization that she doesn’t have to do something send her running the other way, Jenny uses it as a challenge to herself to just do it.

Even if it’s just once and even if she decides she hates it, she allows herself the opportunity to try new things without the expectation of perfection the first time.

The Importance of Community

At EA Coaching one of the three pillars of our Gone for Good framework is comprehensive support and Jenny’s journey exemplifies why it’s so important.

As she said, “I surround myself with strong independent women who I know can do hard things and that has given me the confidence to also do hard things.”

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been down the same road before, finding a community of women who have walked in your shoes, who want to see you succeed, and are working towards similar goals is key to your success.

Even self-proclaimed introverts like myself benefit from a strong community.

The incredible thing about finding support is that even if you don’t have a place you can go in-person to get it, there are so many opportunities online to seek out the community that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Continuing Goals & Next Steps

If you’re just starting your journey, it’s easy to get hung up on reaching a certain number on the scale or a particular pant size, but as Jenny has learned, the end goal often doesn’t look like that.

Even after losing 90 lbs, Jenny says that she’s not at the end, because this is a lifelong commitment to her health and well-being.

When you’re focused on living your happiest, healthiest, and most confident life, the number on the scale becomes less important while the way that you feel and the things you can do start to take center stage.

If you’re ready to make the same commitment to your health, we want to help you find success just like Jenny. Head over to estheravant.com/coaching to find out more about our coaches and how they can help you get started.

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