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63. Coach Spotlight: Meet Lauren

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In This Episode

Welcome back to our Coach Spotlight series!  This is the third of three coach spotlights, so be sure to go back and listen to the first two if you missed them.  In this episode, you’ll meet Lauren, our Registered Dietitian.  

I’m so excited for you to learn a little bit more about her background and really get to know her.  

Lauren is a single mom of an almost-three-year-old boy and a dietitian of nearly 10 years.  She’s also a foodie who loves cooking and trying out new recipes, enjoys spending time outdoors and has a weakness for true crime podcasts.

She tells us about being overweight as a child and how her love of sports and her family’s support helped her to lose 25 pounds when she was in the fifth grade.  

Lauren played softball through high school and began trying out different types of exercise and fitness activities in college after the dreaded Freshman 15 hit and even became a certified yoga and pilates instructor.

She went into college undeclared and during a conversation with her advisor, her love for food and cooking led her to study nutrition.  She says she chose the path selfishly to learn how to better navigate her own life and weight struggles but found that once she started working with patients and clients, she really loved being able to relate her history, understand where they were, and help them navigate the process.

Over her career, Lauren has worked in hospitals, dialysis centers, community centers, a psychiatric center, a CrossFit gym and now with us here at EA Coaching.

We talk about so much in this episode, including how to cook for a family and still reach your weight loss goals – and Lauren shares what her meal times look like these days with a toddler.

We also dive into why the numbers (on the scale, BMI) don’t tell the whole story and how to be consistent with your routines (spoiler: you may need to try out more than one).

You’ll Learn:

  • How to find your exercise “entry point”
  • Lauren’s current go-to workouts
  • Her favorite part of coaching
  • Why being a little selfish is a good thing
  • Her advice to people who have struggled with maintaining their weight over time

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