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68. Client Spotlights: Kathy & Marianne’s Stories

68. Client Spotlights: Kathy & Marianne's Stories podcast image

In This Episode

For the first time on the Live Diet Free podcast, we have a DOUBLE client spotlight!!!  Kathy and Marianne’s stories are so incredible and they’ve gone through this journey together both as individuals and as friends supporting each other.

Kathy and Marianne met about 16 years ago when they were teaching in the same elementary school and have been friends ever since. 

Kathy says she struggled with weight her entire adult life.  She tried lots of different things (some of them along with Marianne) and ended up frustrated.  

During the pandemic, she ate through a lot of the stress, particularly related to her school opening and closing on multiple occasions.  

She knew she needed a change and wanted to feel happier and better about herself, but she didn’t know how.

So when she saw our offer of a free call, she thought, “what do I have to lose?”  

And, of course, she told Marianne about it.

Marianne says that, aside from needing to lose weight, she just didn’t feel good and had a lot of pains.  

Like many women, she knew basically what to do to lose weight, be healthier and feel better, but she just wasn’t doing it.

Marianne shares some of the stories that were in her head about weight loss and how she learned to focus on what matters, enjoy the process and get better results than ever before.

Of course, they both share the measurable results of their weight loss, but even more powerful is the mental growth and confidence they’ve built throughout the process.

And as amazing as Kathy and Marianne both are, they are not special.  

They have just put in the work. They have been consistent. They have decided they are going to do this. They’ve been mentally strong. 

And that is something that is available to you, too. 

I don’t care how old you are, I don’t care how many times you’ve tried before, how many times you feel like you failed – you have nothing to lose by trying again. 

You’ll Learn: 

  • About Kathy and Marianne’s biggest wins – and most of them are not about the scale
  • The benefits of going through this journey with a friend to support you
  • The mental growth it takes to see physical results
  • How to challenge yourself with a “what if?” mentality
  • Kathy and Marianne’s advice to anyone how is thinking about trying coaching

If you have a friend, share this episode with them, because friends uplifting and helping one another improve their lives and become healthier and happier is a beautiful thing.  

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