70. How to Quiet the Negative Chatter in Your Brain

70. How to Quiet the Negative Chatter in Your Brain podcast image

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If you’ve ever noticed yourself stuck in a negative emotional spiral inside your head, today’s episode is for you.  I’m talking all about how to quiet the negative chatter in your brain.

I’m also so excited that this is our first ever book review episode on the Live Diet Free podcast!   

In this episode, I’m sharing what I learned (and what I think will be most helpful to you) from “Chatter. The Voice in Our Head and How To Harness It” by Ethan Kross.

Ethan Kross is an experimental psychologist and neuroscientist at the University of Michigan. He researches the silent conversations people have with themselves, which powerfully influence how we live our lives. 

The overarching purpose of the book and of this episode is to give you the tools to help you pay more attention to what you’re thinking and feeling and then manage the self-talk so you can pull yourself out of that negative headspace and be more productive, happier and less stressed.

Kross defines Chatter as cyclical negative thoughts and emotions that turn our capacity for introspection into a curse rather than a blessing. 

Basically, it’s you just stewing over all sorts of negative stuff, having negative thoughts and negative feelings and being stuck in that headspace. 

You find yourself ruminating or rehashing something that has already happened or something that you worry will happen. Replaying it over and over in your mind – and in the case of worry, it’s a worst-case scenario that hasn’t even happened yet.  

And the time you spend dwelling on a problem is time and energy you’re taking away from finding a solution. 

The way you’re thinking has a huge impact on the rest of your life, whether it’s your physical health, your mental health, your social health – all of it is affected by your thoughts. 

Listen now for a breakdown of my biggest takeaways from this book and how you can implement these tools in your own life.


You’ll Learn:

    • Why it’s so important to address the negative chatter in your mind
    • The effects of chronic stress on your health and progress toward your goals
    • Tools to shift your perspective, so you can shift your thoughts
    • The difference between your emotional and cognitive needs – and how to make sure both are being met
    • How our physical spaces influence our inner conversations
    • A simple thing you can do when you feel like things are out of control

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