71. Body Image, Dieting History, and Being a Daughter & Mother

71. Body Image, Dieting History, and Being a Daughter & Mother podcast image

In This Episode

This episode is a big one!  We’re talking all things body image, dieting history and being a daughter & mother. 

How long have you been dieting?

When was the earliest time that you remember feeling uncomfortable with your body or feeling like you needed to change it?

We recently had a conversation in my free Facebook group about how old members were when they went on their first diet.  

The majority said somewhere between 12 and 15 years old!

And often, young women are introduced to the idea of dieting and their weight by an influential woman in their lives – a mom, aunt, older sister, etc.

This can be pretty eye-opening, especially if you are raising daughters yourself.  

In this episode, we’re diving into both perspectives of this experience – looking at it from the side of both mother and daughter (because many of us are both).  

I even share some stories of my relationship with my own mom and her weight struggles.

And I want you to know…

It’s not necessary for your kids to inherit the struggles and negative thoughts you may have experienced about your weight.

Even if you feel it wasn’t done for you, you can set a better example for your children and set them up for a healthy relationship with their bodies and with food. 

You can be the generation that this stops.

Body image, food exercise and weight-related issues are very complex.  

They’re often something that’s been beneath the surface for decades. So addressing this, and even just thinking about it at all, is a really important piece of overcoming it.

The things you’ve been told or believed about yourself in the past are not really true.  Learning to recognize these untrue thoughts so that you can respond to them is where the real growth begins.


You’ll Learn:

  • How to work through the relationship with your mom and the way she may have impacted your dieting history and body image
  • How you can work through your relationship with yourself and your body
  • How to set a better example for your own daughters or sons
  • The power of acknowledging where you’ve been when it comes to making a plan for the future
  • An exercise to reflect on when and how you started dieting in the first place so that you can address the root issues that may still be there

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