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72. Client Spotlight: Vicki

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In This Episode

In this client spotlight episode, I’m talking with our incredible client, Vicki.  

Vicki is a non-profit executive director and mom of two teenage girls.  She also celebrated her 50th birthday last year, which felt like a major milestone and was one of the factors that led her to try coaching.

She says, “I guess when I look back on my life, I’ve really always kind of wished I was thinner or wished I ate better.”

Vicki loves the outdoors and has always been active, so exercise wasn’t really an issue for her.

Until the pandemic and menopause hit at the same time!  She says everything started to feel out of control and she didn’t know how to get back on track.

She’d slowly gained weight over the years as a result of putting her own needs on the back burner to prioritize work, motherhood and many other pieces of life.

And while she doesn’t regret those decisions, things finally came to a head.  She felt stressed, panicked and out of control.  She felt like she had tried it all and knew she needed to figure it out.  

Like many women I talk to, Vicki pretty much knew the things she needed to do to lose weight.  Accountability was what she was really missing, particularly when it came to nutrition and diet.

Vicki worked with Coach Amber to focus on one or two goals at a time, rather than jumping into everything at once (which had left her overwhelmed in the past).  

She found that over time, things started becoming easier, more routine.  She developed some great new habits and learned to adapt when things weren’t going exactly as planned.

The mindset piece of coaching has been huge for her, too.  She says, “I’m kind of astounded at the stories I’ve told myself…about me over the years.”  The mindset work and creating new beliefs about herself is what’s really allowed her to make changes and stick with them.

After 4 months, Vicki no longer feels like her new habits are something she “has to” do.  They’re just the things that she’s doing and it feels so much easier already.  

Not to mention, her clothes are fitting better, she feels more confident and like she can do more – like the big bike rides she’s planning.

She’s claimed responsibility for her own results, shifted her priorities and is loving the outcome!

Vicki says, “It is the best money I have spent on myself in forever… It changed my life. I would do it 100 times over again.”

Listen to the full interview now.


You’ll Learn:

  • Vicki’s 2 biggest takeaways from coaching
  • How to stop telling yourself you “don’t have time” or that everyone else has it easier than you do
  • Some of the stories she used to believe about herself – and what she thinks of herself now
  • Why you need more than motivation

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