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77. Self-care and Regulating Our Emotions As Parents with Parenting Coach, Katie Dalbey

77. Self-care and Regulating Our Emotions As Parents with Parenting Coach, Katie Dalbey Featured Image

In This Episode

Podcast episodes 75-79 are featuring some of my good friends who own businesses that can help you level up all the areas of your life: parenting, career, sleep, style, you name it!

In this episode, we’re talking about self-care and regulating our own emotions as parents – the intersection between how we are doing as a person and how we are showing up as a parent.

Katie Dalbey is a coach for parents who are navigating the challenges of the early years. Through individual coaching and group programs, Katie helps you reconnect with yourself, show up as a calm, confident leader for your kids, and implement a restorative approach to discipline.

Katie has facilitated transformational experiences for youth and adults for 20 years and believes strongly that every family has the potential to thrive.

After graduating college, Katie worked as a wilderness instructor with teens with behavior challenges and their families. It was all about teaching them to go through hard things, make good decisions and regulate their emotions.

Following that job, she continued to focus on social emotional development.

So when she became a mom, she thought she already had it all figured out.

But she didn’t. And it was really hard.

Eventually, Katie realized that all the tools and techniques she used with teens could also apply to younger kids, but the real struggle was her emotional response to her kids’ behavior.

She shares that the best thing we can do when our kids are struggling with their emotions and acting out is to share our calm with them.

And this is what we really dive deeper into in this conversation.


You’ll Learn:

  • What co-regulation is and how our moods can affect each other
  • How to use our emotions as a signal to what’s going on, rather than letting them take full control of us
  • Simple tips for calming yourself down in stressful moments
  • How just being aware of your emotions and where they’re coming from can help you move through them
  • The difference between discipline and punishment

Connect with Katie:

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