79. The Importance of Sleep & Stress Management with Sleep Coach, Tanessa Shears

79. The Importance of Sleep & Stress Management with Sleep Coach Tanessa Shears Featured Image

In This Episode

Podcast episodes 75-79 are featuring some of my good friends who own businesses that can help you level up all the areas of your life: parenting, career, sleep, style, you name it!

I’m sure you know that sleep and stress management are important but do you know just how important?

You will after this episode with Sleep Science Coach, Tanessa Shears.

Tanessa is also a Kinesiologist, health consultant and host of the Becoming Limitless Podcast. She helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses more quickly by optimizing their health, focus & productivity with science and biohacking.

If you’re a regular listener of the podcast, you know that I talk about this stuff ALL the time! I think sleep and stress are a couple of the most overlooked aspects of overall health and can contribute a lot to your struggles with losing weight.

If you find yourself waking up tired, feeling a mid-day slump or energy crash, or you are just tired of the brain fog or feeling like you’re running on empty, this is the perfect episode for you!

Of course, there are natural cycles of energy that we all experience (you don’t want to be wide awake at bedtime), but if you’re feeling like you have to force yourself through the activities of your day, there are solutions.

And just like we talk about so often with weight loss, it really comes down to experimenting with small changes to see what works and adding new strategies one at a time until they feel like a natural part of your routine.

Tanessa says, “Sleep is the foundation that just makes decisions in every other area so much simpler…You get back the clarity, the energy, the blood sugar management – all of that comes into play when you are well slept.”

We’re talking brain fog, the importance of sleep & stress management, tips for improving both and tons more good stuff.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why you may not be getting as much sleep as you think
  • How to get better quality sleep
  • The effects of stress on your hormones, sleep and energy
  • The role of stress and why you don’t want to eliminate it completely
  • How technology can help support your sleep and stress management goals

Connect with Tanessa:

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