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81. Client Spotlight: Jenny

81. Client Spotlight Jenny Podcast Image

In This Episode

We’re putting another amazing client in the spotlight.  Meet Jenny.

As a working mom of a toddler, she had every reason to not make herself and her weight loss goals a priority. 

Except instead of living in the land of excuses, she instead decided she was fully committed (a 12 out of 10) to finding a way.

Now she’s down 60 pounds and has completely transformed her relationship with food & her body, sets an amazing example for her daughter, and is the most confident version of herself yet!

Jenny works as a behavior analyst, and even though she’s great at helping other people create and follow through on plans that help them shift their behaviors, she struggled to do it for herself.

She says that even after losing some weight, she realized she couldn’t do it alone.  

I knew I needed someone to kind of be my mentor and cheerleader to say, “yes, you can do this,” and “yes, here’s the things that you need to continue to do.”

Coaching gave her that kind of support.

Now, Jenny says, “I can do anything. If I want to go outside and run, I can do that. I don’t have weight holding me back anymore.”

If there’s one thing you take away from this episode, let it be this. 

Jenny shared that a lot of her success in coaching came down to believing that it was okay to ask for help, and it was okay that things weren’t perfect.  Life happens.  Sometimes you cry on your coaching calls and sometimes you’re talking to your coach from the school pick-up line.  

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  It’s all okay.


You’ll Learn:

  • What keeps people from going all in on their goal
  • Jenny’s biggest wins and mindset shifts 
  • How to stick to your plan and lose weight alongside work, family and other real life stuff
  • The most powerful lessons Jenny learned through coaching
  • Why Jenny chose EA Coaching to help her through the process (and she talked to a lot of other coaches!) and her advice to anyone thinking of hiring a weight loss coach

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Find out the #1 weight loss mistake you're making

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