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86. Client Spotlight: Kerri

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In This Episode

It’s time for another client spotlight!  Prior to coaching, Kerri felt like losing weight was the one area in which she just couldn’t figure out how to be successful.

Now? She’s down over 30 pounds and 40 inches, has her confidence back, and knows there’s nothing she can’t do.

Kerri says she’d been dieting since she was young and had tried ALL the weight loss programs out there.  She saw results with some, like eating bars and shakes, but she hated it.  She’d reached a point where she was jumping around from program to program and didn’t really believe anything was going to work for her.

The one thing she had never worked on in her weight loss journey?  Her mindset.

She says, “I had all the tools.  It just didn’t work because my mind wasn’t ready for it to work.”

She shares how her relationship with food was shaped from a young age and the work she’s doing now to redefine it.

Learn how she navigates a travel-based job, single parenting a teenage daughter, and enjoying the hell out of her life while reaching her weight loss goals.

I especially love the story Kerri shares about traveling to a conference with lots of food and drinks.  She says she used to come back having gained 5-7 pounds.  Now she continues to make progress, feels much more in control of her choices AND still enjoys herself!

And she gets vulnerable about what she learned about her body from the women in her life, and how she’s trying to set a better example for her own daughter.


You’ll Learn:

  • How Kerri applied tools that helped her succeed in other areas of life to her weight loss goals
  • Her biggest mindset shifts
  • How small changes add up to big results
  • Why Kerri chose to stick with 1:1 coaching longer than most people do
  • What’s different about coaching with us compared to other programs she tried


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