92. Getting Back On Track (And Staying There)

92 Getting Back On Track (And Staying There)

In This Episode

It’s time to learn how to stop falling “off track” and struggling to get back on.

In this episode of The Live Diet-Free podcast, Esther shares some mindset shifts we can make to help us get back on track and stay there.

Esther kicks off the episode with some thoughts from Beth Erin, author of The Art of Believing on Purpose. In her book, Beth explores the idea that we should be telling ourselves that no matter where we are or what we are doing, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be. As a result of this, we begin to really think about the things that matter the most and the things we want to be doing with our time so we’re not spending life frustrated by our choices.

Esther shares her own experiences with feelings of frustration and encourages us to explore how we react during those moments in our own lives. How can we shift our thoughts from a place of annoyance with the process to a place of gratitude for the work we’re putting in to get the outcome we desire?

The idea of “falling of the track” is one that many of us are familiar with, but Esther challenges us to really think about what a derailed train looks like. In reality, the problems we are facing when we feel like we’ve fallen off the track aren’t as catastrophic as what the image of a derailed train actually looks like. For almost everyone who tries to make a change or tries something new, there’s going to be a point where motivation wanes and we feel like we’ve fallen off track when all we really need is to take a step back and refocus on our goals.

Esther walks us through the process of building new habits and how the act of habit stacking has helped her make sustainable changes. She reminds us that habits are put in place to make decision making easier, but that it’s not something we can flip a switch and implement without fault overnight. Building habits take time!

Something that we can do to help making habit building, lifestyle changes, and mindset shifts easier is to work towards viewing those things on a dial rather than a switch. Esther talks about the dial method which allows us to adjust our energy and focus up and down along a continuum without turning it off completely.

You’ll Learn:
✅how to assess how realistic your goals and expectations are
✅the importance of habit building
✅what the track to success actually looks like
✅how our responses to inconveniences impact our progress
✅about using the dial method to “stay on track.”

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The Art of Believing on Purpose by Beth Erin

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