96. Everything You Need to Know About Hormones with Christine MacCarroll

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Think your hormones are to blame for your lack of progress?

Functional Nutritionist, Christine MacCarroll, is here to clear the air on the “Big Dog” hormones we should be paying the most attention to, how to know if we have an imbalance with them, and what to do about it.

Christine’s experience with her daughter’s neurological speech disorder diagnosis pushed her to pursue a new career as a Functional Nutritionist, but also led to her putting her own health on the backburner while she worked to advocate for her daughter.

This experience of caregiving and focusing on the needs of those around us while often putting our own needs last is a familiar one for many women.

Christine shares with us the moment she realized how negatively her health had been affected by the neglect and the steps she took to figure out that her hormones – and more specifically the actions that were affecting her hormones – were the root cause of so many of her health concerns. She goes on to tell us about some of the adjustments she made to course correct and put herself back in a place of health and wellness.

Christine takes us into the world of hormone health and gives an overview of what exactly hormones are and how they can impact our overall health. She also explains how even though our hormones are an important factor of health, it’s often other non-hormone related actions (and inactions) that cause our hormones to negatively affect us.

She really encourages us to focus on the basics, such as the importance of enough sleep, and tells us, “If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re gonna jack up your blood sugar, you can jack up your blood sugar, you’re definitely gonna be jacking up your sex hormones, and probably your thyroid too. So super, super foundational piece is getting enough sleep and it’s really like literally going to change every other thing downstream from there.”

Christine and Esther also discuss the impact of menopause on our hormones. They take a look at how increased insulin resistance affects the body during menopause and the importance of strength training to maintain muscle mass as we age.

You may be surprised by some of what you hear, and you’ll also be empowered to focus on what you can control in order to balance your hormones and reach your goals.

You’ll Learn:
✅about the web of hormones and “big dogs” that Christine focuses on with her clients
✅how hormones can be impacted by external factors
✅where you should be focusing your attention if you suspect a hormonal imbalance
✅some of the important steps you can take to help manage hormonal changes during menopause.

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