74. All About Elimination Diets with RD Lauren Moss

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On this episode of the Live Diet Free podcast, I’m with EA Coaching’s own RD, Lauren Moss, and we’re talking all about elimination diets – what they are, what purpose they hold, when and where they’re appropriate, and how to use them as another tool in your tool box.

Lauren has spent the last decade working as a registered dietitian and we love having her as a part of the team!

The traditional definition of an elimination diet is when a food or group of foods is removed from a person’s diet for a set period of time.  One example is the Whole 30 diet.

They’re typically used to determine whether specific foods or ingredients are contributing to stomach or bowel irritation, headaches, rashes, achy joints, or other symptoms.

Elimination diets are a tricky topic because on one hand, they can be incredibly useful for certain people. On the other hand, they can be unnecessarily restrictive and potentially problematic for others.

This is one of those diets that really isn’t about weight loss at all but more about helping people to feel better.

It’s a tool that can be helpful along with managing some of the other “big rocks” like sleep, hydration and stress management.

Lauren shares stories of how elimination diets have helped to resolve issues for her and her young son.

And you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that not all food sensitivities are permanent, especially in kids.

We also talk about the mindset you need when starting an elimination diet, some different approaches to take, and how your gut health fits into the picture.


You’ll Learn:

  • What an elimination diet is
  • How to know if an elimination diet might be right for you
  • The difference between food allergy, intolerance and sensitivity
  • The 4 stages of an elimination diet
  • Why you shouldn’t dive in and eliminate tons of foods right away

In the end, there’s no hack, no quick fix.  But there are steps you can follow to be strategic and get the best results possible if you think an elimination diet is right for you.

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