How to Fit Any Food Into Your Diet (And Still Lose Weight)

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Eating in a way you enjoy, that allows you to eat any food, should be a top priority when you’re trying to lose weight.

Not only will it make the weight loss process more pleasant, it will also help ensure that you can maintain a healthy weight.

Nothing is worse than white-knuckling your way through a miserable diet, counting down the days til you can have your faves, again, and then regaining the weight as soon as you do.

If you’re looking for a way to fit any food into your diet and still lose weight, this article will help you do just that.

Straight from my Gone For Good coaching program, here is how to fit any food you love into your diet without sabotaging your results:⁣

Download an Activity Tracker & Set Targets

I use MyFitnessPal with all of my clients. Tracking what you eat is not something you’ll have to do forever. But it is the best tool to learn how to balance foods that support your goals and those that just taste good and enhance your quality of life.

The next couple steps will help you set up your calorie and macronutrient targets to support your goals.

Even though it can be tempting to slash calories right from the jump, it’s rarely successful long-term and doesn’t allow for the flexibility of indulging in your favorite foods while still taking in plenty of nutrients.

An easy place to start is your bodyweight x10-13 depending on your activity level.⁣

Then set a protein goal of ~.7g per pound of bodyweight. This is higher than the RDA but ideal for active individuals and those wanting to lose fat while keeping their hard earned muscle.

If that number seems like a lot, check out this article.

Don’t stress about carbs & fat. As long as your calories and protein are where they need to be, carb & fat percentages really don’t matter much. I usually split the difference and call it a day.

Factor in Indulgences & Reverse Engineer

1 – Search the database and look up whatever food it is you want to indulge on.⁣

2 – Log it in advance.⁣

3 – Adjust the rest of your meals around that indulgence so that you still hit your calorie and protein targets by the end of the day.⁣




You can use this exact process for Valentine’s candy, birthday cake, happy hour, donut day at work, whatever!⁣

Questions? Pop on over to my FB group, Live Diet-Free & ask away!

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