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You Don’t Have to Be Going Back-To-School…

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…to Benefit from These 5 Ideas!

The new one is similar to this one.

I made the mistake of going to TJMaxx the other day to get a new sports bra. As an adult person without kids, it wasn’t even on my radar that the line would be 87 deep with back-to-school shoppers and I’d be so far back that I wasn’t even in the impulse-buy tunnel yet.

Anyhow, I waited it out because the kid in front of me was pretty funny and kept referring to his dad as Pumpkin Head (Halloween decorations already, really?) and I really wanted that $7.99 sports bra.

Wouldn’t want to run into this crew in a dark alley.

But it got me thinking about how despite not actually going back to school for some years now, the beginning of September always seems like a mini New Year. I know I’m not alone because when I was working at a commercial gym, Augtember was second only to January in membership sales and people recommitting to getting in shape.

When you think about it, it is the perfect time to establish or reestablish healthy habits. Summer is winding down and taking with it the long, warm nights and weekend BBQs.

There’s still plenty of time to get yourself back on track before The Holidays and as a bonus, planners usually go on sale at Staples right about now.

So rather than dwelling on the End of Summer Blues, how about giving it a positive spin and thinking of a few healthy habits to recommit to with the start of fall?


Here’s some ideas for you:

I actually have this exact planner.
  • Pick up a class schedule at your local gym and schedule one class to try this week. Write it down in that new, discounted planner you got at Staples.
  • Finally figure out how to set the timer on your coffee maker to have coffee ready to take with you in the morning instead of spending $4.47 at Starbucks every morning. (Seriously, even if you get a small black coffee, that’s still $2/day. What would you do with $40 extra each month?)
  • Map a new route to work or your kid’s school to bypass a fast food temptation.
  • Start batch cooking over the weekend to cut down on time spent making dinner Healthy Food Cheat Sheet 3D Cover-page-001every night so you can enjoy those last minutes of evening sunlight. (Not sure where to start? I have a FREE Healthy Foods Cheat Sheet ebook that would be a great place to start! You can download it here right now!)
  • Hire a coach if you’re not sure how to get started!

Got some ideas of your own? I’d love if you shared in the comments!

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