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I know you might have clicked here out of curiosity and aren’t sure what you’re getting yourself into so I want to go over a couple questions you might be having right now and help you see if booking a call is the right next step for you:

In case you don’t know me, yet, I’m Esther Avant and my team and I are weight loss coaches for women who are ready to lose weight for the last time.

Like you, us clients come to us having tried diet-after-diet, losing the same weight over-and-over again and having nothing to show for it!


  • are trying to figure out how you can stop spending all this mental energy on how you look and just start living and enjoying your life again! 
  • want to set a good example for your kids and not stress about what body image issues they’re picking up on from you.
  • want to be able to wear anything in your closet or go shopping and know you can find things that you like and that fit and look good.
  • have tried all the things and can’t figure out what works for you (which is extra frustrating when you feel like literally everyone else has figured it out!
  • are successful in other areas of your life: you have a beautiful family, a job you love, and your weight feels like the final frontier. 
  • just want your weight and this whole feeling-like-crap thing to stop being such an issue!
  • hate that you need help but with it but here we are. 

If that sounds like you, I really encourage you to proceed with booking a call to chat with one of our enrollment specialists (either me or EA Coaching’s Head Coach, Meg).

You’re not committing to anything except to get some clarity on exactly what’s keeping you stuck and exploring what coaching could do to help you overcome those obstacles.

When you book a time below, you’ll see a few questions that just give us some background info on what your goals are and what you’re struggling with.

When we talk, we’ll help you pinpoint the 2-3 foundational issues that are holding you back from lasting weight loss and put together a streamlined plan to overcome them so you actually get results and it doesn’t feel hard.

We’ll walk through what your dream coaching scenario looks like and what you need to have in order to know that your results are inevitable.

If our coaching is exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll offer to explain how it works, what you get, investment options, and answer all your questions. 

Listen, I know it might be a little uncomfortable or scary to reach out to someone you don’t know.

I wouldn’t be a good coach if I didn’t encourage you to do it anyway. Losing weight for the last time and changing your lifestyle to support who you want to be is going to require you to get a little uncomfortable.

Consider this your first step.

Follow the steps below and we can’t wait to talk and get to know you better