116. [Coach Sandi’s Story] A PhD, Losing 60#, Menopause, and Everything In Between

Meet EA Coaching’s newest coach, Sandi!

From her PhD in clinical psychology to losing 60 pounds after having 2 kids.

To finding a community at her local YMCA and becoming a group fitness instructor just to challenge her introverted self.

To now co-owning a fitness studio and working with us.

I know everyone listening will find something to relate to Coach Sandi about.

You will undoubtedly be inspired to hear how she’s lived her own fitness journey and now helps other moms do the same.

You can listen here or by clicking the link below.

Or keep reading to learn more about how Coach Sandi and how to work with her.

Who is Coach Sandi

Coach Sandi started her career as a clinical psychologist running her own practice until life threw her a curveball.

She found herself in a new city with a baby and a toddler and no support system in place so she made the decision to not reopen her practice and instead focused her energy on getting her family settled.

Between pregnancies and life’s circumstances, Coach Sandi found herself up 60 lbs and struggling to get it off.

She eventually landed on attending some group fitness classes at her local Y where she fell in love with the fitness space.

After adding in intentional movement, Coach Sandi realized that she was missing the nutrition piece of overall health. Through her own trial and error, she found the right balance for herself and was able to successfully lose those 60 lbs that had been hanging around.

Coaching Philosophy

Coach Sandi believes in flexibility and trial and error to find what works best for her clients.

She has walked the walk that many of her clients are currently walking so she knows the mindset shifts required to create lasting change.

Coach Sandi helps her clients develop realistic goals that fit their lifestyle while always looking forward to what needs to come next.

To work with Coach Sandi, visit www.estheravant.com/coaching and request her in your intake form!

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