FREE Live Workshop: Saturday December 17, 2022, 10am EST

For moms looking to make 2023 their year…

Learn how to set health & weight loss goals you actually achieve this year…

Without feeling like you need to press pause on the rest of your life to make it happen

FREE LIVE WORKSHOP: 3 Keys to Setting Health & Weight Loss Goals You Actually Reach

~90% of people quit before accomplishing their new year's goals...

I know you’re tired of being one of them.

Maybe you’ve given up on goal-setting, altogether, after not reaching them enough years in a row. After all, it feels better to not try at all than to try and fail, right?

Deep down, though, you know you’re made for more. You do have goals!

 And you want to be part of the 10% who actually follow-through and reach them!

The problem is…

Join me for my my FREE workshop:
3 Keys to Setting Health & Weight Loss Goals You Actually Reach.

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Spend an hour with me and get ready to learn:

Other goal setting trainings just focus on your typical advice, like setting SMART goals….

But they fall short of actually laying out a fail-proof, actionable plan to put your goals into action - while taking into account all the momming and working and other stuff you’ll still have to do at the same time!

Hi, I’m Esther Avant!

I’m a health & weight loss coach who’s worked with hundreds of women over the last 17 years to help them reach all of their (seemingly impossible) goals.

I’ve seen all the common mistakes play out time-and-time again and created this workshop to help you avoid being a statistic this year! 

You know deep down you have goals & you don’t want to go into another year unprepared to actually accomplish them.

Getting a different outcome this year requires doing something differently.

It starts with learning & overcoming the goal setting mistakes that leave most people frustrated and unsuccessful.

With learning how to go about things differently – in a way that works with your life, not against it.

With learning & mastering the key behaviors that make the foundation of reaching your health & weight loss goals.

We’re covering it all in this free workshop at 10am EST on Saturday, December 17th.

Things You May Be Wondering

Yes, but I strongly encourage you to attend live. We both know those good intentions about “doing it later” are likely to end up the email purgatory and never getting done.

Nope, I’ll walk you through everything on the training! Just come with a notebook and ideally a 2023 calendar.

 I’m an introvert, too; I get it. I’m not going to call you up to the front of the class but I will give you lots of opportunities to participate via the chat function and encourage you to participate that way to make the most of the training.