Elimination Diets: What, Why, How

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If you read this recent article about 3 Foods You Should Avoid if you have IBD, you might have some questions about the role of elimination diets.

You know that I encourage you to Live Diet-Free and have any food you enjoy, in moderation.

So how does that all jive with an elimination diet? Check out this video for my full explanation (or skip below for the Clif Notes version):

The Gist

An elimination diet is a short-term elimination of certain foods or food groups for a purpose. Foods that you suspect you may have trouble digesting or tolerating and you want to see what is different when you don’t eat those foods. You then systematically reintroduce those foods back into your diet at the end of the elimination phase so that you can gather info about what foods impact you in what way. You are learning something, not arbitrarily eliminating all these things in an effort to lose weight or cutting them out until the end of time.

By removing these foods for a set period of time and then reintroducing them, you are able to pinpoint exactly what foods make you feel what way so that you can make smarter decisions going forward about what/how much foods you are choosing to eat.

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