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4 Tips for Finding Solutions

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Most women who try to lose weight – or make any change, really – encounter a problem or 1,000 along the way. And most of us tend to dwell on the problems, looking at them as insurmountable obstacles, rather than small inconveniences with solutions.

We accept problems at face-value, tell ourselves there’s nothing we could have done, and let them become excuses for when we don’t reach our goals.

Problems = Excuses

You’re probably thinking, “of course I look for solutions but my problems are different.” If we were on Maury, I think the lie detector test would determine that that is a lie.

We each like to think we’re special snowflakes but at the end of the day, most of us encounter the same obstacles and can benefit from similar solutions.

We tend to just kind of accept things as they are, rather than actually getting creative and figuring out work-arounds. We get resentful when someone tells us that we’re making excuses. We don’t want to hear that someone else in a similar situation has figured out how to make it work and still reach her goals.

The truth is, if you really, and I mean really, really want something, you will not let anything stand in your way. You will look at every situation you encounter and say, “so what’s the solution here?”

Do you face obstacles like these?

The most common problems women encounter are lack of time, lack of motivation, lack of energy, lack of “Me” time, putting all other responsibilities first – right?

You have days where you:

Didn’t prep food the night before so you catch yourself eating a pastry for breakfast. 

Don’t workout because you’ve worked 10 hours and then tended to a sick kid.

Hit traffic and make it to the gym just in time for your class to be ending.

Days where it just feels like the universe is conspiring against you and your weight loss goals.

Do you want an excuse or a solution?

We want to tell ourselves that there isn’t possibly anything we could have done differently. That things were out of our hands. That we are just working with the hand we have been dealt. 

The truth is, there is always a solution.

Here’s the thing, though: we have to want a solution.

A lot of times, we actually want an excuse

We want an out so that when we don’t do what we set out to do, we have something to fall back on and blame.

We would rather focus our attention on complaining about how unfair life is instead of figuring out how to make it work.

But if you really want to transform your body and your lifestyle, you need to overcome the problems that you face.

Tip #1 – Imagine it’s a friend’s problem

Ya know how when you think about your own problems, you’re all like, “woe is me!” but when a friend tells you about hers, you’re happy to offer up advice? 

Use that little tidbit to help come up with solutions to your own problems. Imagine that they belong to a friend who has asked you to help troubleshoot and brainstorm a list of things to try in the future to get a better outcome. 

Tip #2 – Actually ask a friend for help

Perhaps even better than using an imaginary friend, is to actually just ask a real one. She’ll likely be empathetic but happy to venture a few suggestions for you to try.

Feel free to turn to myself and the Live Diet-Free ladies for help with this one!

Tip #3 – Make it a game

Focusing on solutions rather than problems requires a mindset shift, which I know is no easy feat. Sometimes challenging or mundane tasks can feel more fun if you gamify them so give the Seeking Solutions game a shot. Think of yourself as the main character who has to find solutions in order to Level Up and save the prince or whomever.

Tip #4 – Place visual reminders

It’s all well and good to read this post and think, “ok ya, I’ll be a Solution Seeker starting right meow,” but it’s another thing to actually remember to think this way when the time comes. Write yourself some post-its and leave them wherever you might need a friendly reminder to find solutions, not excuses. Maybe one in the kitchen, another on the steering wheel, one on top of your gym back, etc. That way when something happens that throws off your plan, you have a quick reminder to think, “ok no big deal, what’s a solution here?”

Every problem has a solution

Hopefully this has given you something to think about but also some tips for changing how you approach problems going forward. Need help or want to share a way that you find solutions? Head on over to Live Diet-Free and let’s chat!


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