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For moms sick of diet culture failing them and their needs…

Life's Too Short For Another Diet. It's Time To Create Sustainable Habits That Help You Feel Fit, Healthy, and Confident AF...

Without sugar coating it – but still finding fun in the weight loss process.

Check out these women who went from frustrated to fit & healthy…

The weight loss industry has failed you, mama.

I know you’ve tried everything to get a body you feel confident in.

But every shake program, weight loss promise, and yo-yo has left you feeling worse – not better.

All you really want is to…

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Hey! I’m Esther!

I’m a long-time sports nutritionist, weight loss coach, personal trainer, and the creator of Gone For Good: Foundations.

Throughout my almost 2-decade career, I’ve gotten so tired of seeing incredibly successful, driven, and kind women like you, feeling like failures because you couldn’t figure out how to lose weight and keep it off.

And I know how hard it is because I’ve been there, too.

From high school onwards I struggled with fad diets, unhealthy “tactics”, and every diet industry “trend” you can think of.

I became obsessed with exercising, only to binge eat every weekend. For years.

Until I discovered food tracking, which started me down the food freedom and sustainable weight loss path.

These days? I don’t binge. I don’t track my food anymore. I don’t subscribe to any kind of “diet”.

I live my life AND love how I look and feel.

And I show our clients that, while losing weight isn’t fun all the time, it doesn’t need to be miserable or overwhelming.

We’re all about doing less, more consistently, & freeing up time & energy for whatever you actually enjoy doing

So I created this program because I was tired of seeing all the frustration and time moms were wasting trying to find a trick or hack to avoid putting in the work to get sustainable results, when I knew there was a better way…

I know it’ll stick with me forever and I feel so good about that.” ~Debbie D.

“I understand now that I’m in control and I’m powerful and hold the keys to my future.” ~Kate L.

“I was still eating food that I loved and I was losing weight!”
~Tina H.

The 6-week group coaching program that teaches you how to lose weight - for good - even if you’ve tried everything & still don’t feel good in your body.

You’ll walk away feeling:

Foundations is broken down into 3 categories of success,
taught over 6 weeks of coaching.

Here’s how we help you lose the weight – for good:

Nutrition; tracking & setting food goals that aren't restrictive.

Most women think their metabolisms are “broken” and the only solution is to starve themselves on 1,0000 calorie diets in order to lose weight.

The truth is, you need to eat to reach your goals – and probably more than you think!

In weeks 1 & 2 you’ll learn how to:

Exercise; find movement and motivation that works for you.

Most women are running themselves into the ground with high intensity cardio (lookin at you, Peloton!) and maybe dabble a bit in lightweight arms classes.

The truth is, cardio & paperweights aren’t going to help you shape your body into the strong, fit look you’re after – but we’ll show you what will!

In weeks 3 & 4 you’ll learn how to:

Application & Sustainability; living your best life outside the program

Most women think they need to conform to a certain lifestyle if they want to lose weight.

The truth is, the key to long-term results is learning how to modify the “Big Rocks” to fit your lifestyle – not the other way around!

In weeks 5 & 6 you’ll learn how to:

Our small group dynamic allows you to get plenty of 1:1 coaching attention while also learning & benefitting from being surrounded by women on the same journey through:

When you join Foundations you get:

24/7 Access to Coaches

Private FB Group Community

Weekly LIVE Office Hours

Customized Fat Loss Nutrition Targets

4-Week Progressive Strength Program + Peloton Calendar

Bi-weekly Progress Updates with Your Coaches

6 Weekly Educational Video Modules

Meal Planning + Other Resources

Complete Recipe Database in MyFitnessPal

Ready to lose pounds and inches, build strength and improve stamina, develop new skills & turn into the confident person you’ve always wanted to be?

I can’t wait for you to get everything you need to do just that!

Individualized fat loss nutrition targets Customized Fat Loss Nutrition Targets
$147 value
*4-week progressive strength program
$247 value
Peloton workout calendar
$27 value
Weekly LIVE office hours
$997 value
Biweekly progress updates with your coaches
$297 value
24/7 access to coaches
$497 value
*6 weekly educational video modules
$447 value
Meal Planning + Other Resources
$297 value
Complete Recipe Database in MyFitnessPal
$147 value
Everything you need to be successful not just for 6-weeks but thereafter

*lifetime access

TOTAL VALUE = $ 3,103
Normal Price = $997

Your Price = $497

Payment plan available

We guarantee that your coaches will be available & accessible to provide everything your need so you can develop the skills to lose weight for good.

Ready to feel confident and kick*$$?

“I’ve learned how to plan for special dinners or just how to fit in wine or a special dessert without feeling guilty or deprived.”

I’m so glad I challenged myself to these 6 weeks! I learned so much about nutrition and how taking just 20-30 minutes the night before helps set me up for a successful day tomorrow. I’ve learned how to plan for special dinners or just how to fit in wine or a special desert without feeling guilty or deprived. The support I received from Esther and Meg are exceptional and I highly recommend this group to anyone. ~Tammie M.

“I am now able to have both a weight decrease, and build muscle. I am excited to continue with my new lifestyle!

Foundations was the support I needed for a woman over 50. I have been trying for 2 years to decrease my weight. Adjusting my calories and providing me with macro targets, my weight is finally going down. I am now able to have both a weight decrease and build muscle. I am excited to continue with my new lifestyle! ~Margie W.


“I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight but it completely makes sense now. This program has taught me so much.”

This experience has been eye opening! I had no idea how much I was really eating on a daily basis. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight but it completely makes sense now. This program has taught me so much. I still have a long way to go but I have made small changes that I think will eventually have a big pay off. The best part of the program is that I never feel judged and when I share how my week went, Esther and Meg make me really think about why it went that way. ~Kari R.

“I’ve lost 11.2 pounds, and 5 inches from my waist. I never once felt deprived.

This program & support has been amazing. I’ve lost 11.2 pounds, and 5 inches from my waist. I never once felt deprived. I had some great “aha!” moments in the group, especially regarding how little protein I had been eating before, and how that was hindering my progress in the many other “diets” I tried before this. ~Alecia N.

“I went down a full pant size. And I feel so much stronger than before.

I went down a full pant size. And I feel so much more stronger than before. I have a good handle on food tracking now and it’s become more of a habit and less of a chore. Having the daily accountability with food tracking was really helpful to get into the swing of things. I really appreciated how encouraging and responsive you both were. I could tell you really wanted us to succeed and learn! Thank you! ~Leah S

Foundations isn’t your typical weight loss “thing”, full of empty promises & false hope...

Bottom line is this:

We help you do the whole thing better, from losing weight in a way that feels pretty doable most of the time to building the habits and skills you need to reach maintenance with the confidence that you can stay there – for good.

Foundations was created for you:

You know something needs to change.

You’re not happy with the direction things are going & you’re scared to think about where you’ll be if you don’t do something!

Remember this:

Got questions? I have answers:

Of course. We do as much of the leg work as we possibly can, shy of showing up at your house with veggies & a whip. We want you to learn as you go so we’ll also explain how we came up with your targets and show you how to make your own adjustments going forward so you don’t have to rely on us to do it.

Mhmm. And without guzzling egg whites by the carton, eating a bunch of Frankenfoods, or needing to steal a cow to make it happen.

Not necessarily, though I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to skip out on the 4th night in a row of dino nuggets & shredded cheese.

Duh. And we’ll help you do it in a way that works for your family, which means not missing out on sports games to cook all weekend, not stinking up the lunch room with reheated fish, and not needing to make a separate dinner from the rest of your family.

I’m not gonna so I wouldn’t ask you to, either. You call the shots. Nothing is off limits, nothing is mandatory. We’re here to help you learn what foods help you feel your best and reach your goals, the end.

Sure can. Especially at awkward family dinners. I, personally, love my weekly Bloody Mary. Depending on how much you drink, we may encourage you to drink less but we’ll never tell you you have to cut it out entirely.

Sure do. We even give you options! We provide a 4-week progressive strength program plus benchmark workouts to gauge your progress, as well as a Peloton workout calendar if you can’t bear the thought of missing a blue dot. If you prefer to do your own thing, that’s cool, too.

Click here to see the weekly breakdown of how we teach you to lose weight and keep it off, what’s included, our approach, and more.

Not as hard as childbirth! Like, by a long shot. Honestly, I know a lot of what you’ve done in the past to try to lose weight has really sucked but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our goal is to help you see how simple weight loss really is and for you to get to a point where it really does feel pretty easy most of the time. We do need to acknowledge that there’s a learning curve with anything new & sometimes that’s uncomfortable. We like being good at stuff, after all! There’re also definitely gonna be times when you just don’t want to do the things and you have to keep going. We’ll be there to support you through those and help you develop the tools to do so on your own after the program ends.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably for you. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and really want there to be a better way, you’re in luck! That’s what we’re teaching you. If you’re just in it for rapid & unsustainable weight loss or are gonna be a know-it-all who’s not willing to follow our guidance, you’ll be better off elsewhere. We don’t want that bad juju.