Lose 10+ pounds & as many inches in the next 6 weeks 
AND know that fat is Gone For Good!

Question for you...

What would be different if you learned exactly what & how much to be eating to reach your goals?

You stopped stressing about how many calories you burned in your Peloton stack because you knew you were doing exactly the right exercise for your goals?

You lost weight  – while eating your favorite foods, without spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping on Sundays, and you didn’t have to say no to wine with your husband or ice cream with your kids?

I can help you do all that and teach you how to master the weight loss “Big Rocks” so that losing weight becomes easier and easier and you grow more and more confident that this time is going to be the last time you have to lose weight!

You know there has to be more to life than riding your Peloton all the time and eating pretty healthy but still not losing any weight – and there is!

Here's the problem...

You know that in order to finally lose the “baby weight,” (we won’t talk about how old your youngest is LOL) you need to change your diet.


Everything you’ve done before has been so miserable & you feel like such a failure from all your past attempts that you just can’t motivate yourself to try again. 

You start each day out with good intentions but find yourself snacking on your kids sandwich crusts and Goldfish crackers or opening a bottle of wine while you make dinner & just. not. caring.

You’re so exhausted from working and momming that the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is, well, anything but collapsing on the couch with some Netflix and snacks. 

You struggle to be “good” (read: consistent) for more than a week or two and are seriously questioning your willpower and discipline!

Can you imagine actually understanding how it all works so that you can free up all that mental energy for other things?

You can!

Foundations is the ONLY 6-week weight loss coaching program that takes you from confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed, to seeing the scale drop without sacrificing your quality of life.

Lost 9.8 pounds & 19 inches

“In addition to losing pounds and inches, I feel a lot stronger and more energized. My clothes are loose, and I can cross my legs again. The exercise piece has been invaluable, and I am losing weight eating 300-400 more calories on average per day.” 

- Lindsay B.

Foundations will show you how to create healthy eating habits that stick, without overwhelm!

When you sign up, you’ll get what you need to create the body you want without eating lettuce for every meal or doing hours of cardio..

Foundations will help you:

With this program, you’re getting a hybrid of a knowledge-packed course PLUS live coaching from fitness pros who will help guide and support you in implementing what you’re learning.

What's included?


1-2 video trainings each week to teach you the what, why, and how behind everything we do – so the habits actually stick long-term!


Printable journals, templates, and worksheets to help you implement what you’re learning and speed up the process of these new skills feeling natural!

PDF Guides & eBooks

Printable resources, cheat sheets, and trackers to help you become a Master Tracker in under 2 weeks!

Live Group Office Hours

Held on Zoom 1 weekday evening per week and one weekend morning every other week so you can get 1:1 coaching & face time with our Registered Dietician and Certified Nutrition Coaches!

Office Hours Replays in Facebook Group

Catch any Office Hours you can’t attend or relisten to any call so you don’t miss a thing, regardless of schedule or time zone!

Facebook Group

Get DAILY accountability, support, and guidance from your team of coaches and peers to ensure you stay consistent for the whole 6 weeks!

Biweekly Progress Updates & Feedback

So your coaches can make any adjustments to your plan to ensure your get the best results possible (and without you losing your sh*t over the scale, anymore!)

By the week:

Week 1 - The Best Weight Loss Tool

Week 2 - Master the Big Rocks

Week 3 - Making the Most of Your Workouts

Week 4 - Stop Living & Dying By The Scale

Week 5 - Things That Matter Besides Macros

Week 6 - Adjusting Your Own Macros & Easing Out of Tracking

Strength Workouts

Foundations is the ONLY group program of its kind that sets you up to lose weight and MAKE MAINTENANCE EASY.

If you want to stop inhaling all your kid’s snacks and be able to keep treats in the house for more than a day, you need to join now.

Even if you’re totally overwhelmed & don’t know where to start, even if you can’t cook or hate to exercise, Foundations can show you how to look and feel amazing without having to follow some restrictive diet.

Foundations opens up you can join for

one-time payment of $547 or 6-weekly payments of $100

That’s $547 to:

Click below to sign up for Foundations – it’s your first step toward being able to wear anything in your closet and knowing it looks good!

Lost 8 pounds & 6.75 inches

“I lost 9 lbs. from the time I signed up until now. I was able to dig myself out of a terrible Covid-induced food/health rut. I needed to turn the page and this course helped me do it. I feel ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle and to do this for the rest of my life.”

- Nancy M.

Lost 10 pounds

“I’m so glad I did this! I’ve always quit after a few days, but this program gave me the confidence in what I was doing with tracking and macro counting to want to keep doing it because I was more sure it would work! I lost almost 10 pounds, several inches off my waist and hips especially, and more importantly, gained the determination to keep going with this new way of eating. I’m so happy with this change in my lifestyle and can’t wait to keep progressing toward my goals! Thank you!”

- Andrea S.

Sound like what you need?

Foundations is for women who…

Foundations is not for women who…

Esther started out a shy wallflower exercising at the YMCA to avoid playing team sports and has morphed into well-respected industry professional with 16 years of coaching experience and an alphabet soup of letters after her name. She’s passionate about helping working moms get the most out of life by becomeoing their healthiest, happiest, most confident selves.

Esther has combined her love of helping people with her top-tier coaching skills to help working moms finally start to love their bodies. She’s put everything she’s learned into Foundations to help you go from stuck and frustrated to living your best life.

Sign up now and get ready to get back to the fun stuff you used to do before being self-conscious about your body ruined all the fun.

Foundations is perfect for women who:

If you’re ready to stop starting over every Monday (or every morning!) and finally have people asking YOU for help, sign up for Foundations now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundations is a 6-week group coaching program intended to help you build the foundation of nutrition & exercise habits that will help you be successful not just at losing the weight but keeping it off! You’ll receive a high level of support in our private FB group, including daily accountability threads, weekly coaching opportunities, and weekly training modules.

Foundations is for you if you are feeling overwhelmed by and frustrated at your lack of results. You feel like you’re eating pretty well and riding your Peloton or going to OTF consistently and yet the scale isn’t moving. You keep hearing about this “macros thing” but can’t figure it out or if you’ve tried it, it hasn’t worked for you. You’re ready to learn once and for all how to utilize this tool as a means for lasting weight loss. You want to make it easy, effective, and set you up for long-term success. You’re comfortable asking for what you need and communicating in a group setting.

Foundations is a 6-week group program during which you’ll receive 1 video training per week, have access to weekly office hours & coaching, as well as daily accountability threads in your private FB group. You’ll have access to the FB group for 6-weeks but lifetime access to the curriculum and resources, including any updates or additions we make in the future.

Great question! Right off the bat, Foundations is the only group coaching program created by ME!

Besides that, most 6-week weight loss programs have one goal: get the most drastic before/after client photos to use to market said program. What happens to you after that “after” photo? Who cares! (I briefly consulted at a gym that did a similar program so I’ve seen this outcome pretty intimately).

What ends up happening is you’re up shit’s creek, desperate to eat all the foods that have been off limits the last 6 weeks, body desperate for a break from the relentless beatdown you’ve been giving it, and you start putting the weight back on as quickly as you lost it.

This is exactly the opposite of what we do in Foundations. Of course you’ll lose weight and inches, but the thing we’re most proud of is helping our clients break this all-or-nothing cycle and build the foundation for a lifetime of success.

That’s what’s different. You’re starting at the beginning, learning what actually matters when it comes to losing weight, and how to focus your energy just on the things worth the time and effort so that reaching your goals can start to feel easy and attainable! By the end of the 6-weeks, you’ll be so much more confident that you can continue working toward your goals and successfully maintain when the time comes.

Sure will! As long as you’re doing your part to do the actual work, our process will work. We teach you how to master the “big rocks” so that you can stop wasting time and energy on details and strategies that don’t matter. You consistently practicing them, asking for the help you need, and engaging in the FB group will ensure you get results.

I get that it’s scary to invest in another weight loss “thing” when you feel like you’ve already wasted so much money. In the event something catastrophic happened and you were unable to complete your round of Foundations, you would have the option to roll into an upcoming round or receive a prorated refund.

Outside of that, though, there are no refunds or guarantees because honestly, they can become an easy way out for people who aren’t willing to do the work. We don’t want any skeptics plunking down some cash in hopes that we’re going to do all the work for you. We expect that anyone wanting to work with us is ready to do the work and make the investment worthwhile.

You’ll have the opportunity to get coached on our weekly office hour calls but if you’re looking for an incredibly high level of 1:1 support and attention, our Gone For Good private coaching experience is what you’re looking for. Learn more here.

The investment for Foundations is $547. If you would prefer split payments, you can choose 6-weekly payments of $100.

The next round of Foundations will begin in mid-January.

You can but you could also be well underway by the time the next round begins. I encourage you to think about why you’re wanting to put it off. Waiting for a period of time when you won’t have anything disruptive going on is next to impossible and honestly, the times you really need the most help and support are when you’re busy, traveling, or challenged with being out of routine!

I have answers! Send them to esther@estheravant.com and I’ll get back to you with 48 hours.

Click the button below to sign up.

In 6-weeks you could be riding your Peloton everyday with nothing to show for it.

Or you could sign up for Foundations and finally lose the weight that’s been taking up your mental energy for way too long.


Adriane Scott

I knew when I signed up for EAWC Foundations I was going to get accurate information from trained professionals. The program gave me the tools to begin adjusting my lifestyle to be more healthy and productive. The weekly calls helped me to regain motivation and confidence that I CAN achieve my nutrition and fitness goals without extreme deprivation of foods that I enjoy. Esther and her team are super amazing and supportive. My biggest win is knowing that how I was before isn’t how I’m going to be. It is possible - even as I’m getting older - to accomplish what I feel would be an ideal healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t feel as overwhelming. Having that confirmation that losing weight or being healthier doesn't’ have to be so hard. It was kind of like a breath of fresh air.

Andrea Schork

I'm so glad I did this! I've always quit after a few days, but this program gave me the confidence in what I was doing with tracking and macro counting to want to keep doing it because I was more sure it would work! I lost almost 10 pounds, several inches off my waist and hips especially, and more importantly, gained the determination to keep going with this new way of eating. I'm so happy with this change in my lifestyle and can't wait to keep progressing toward my goals! Thank you!

Colleen F

This Foundations course has been tremendous in helping me learn my “whys” and “hows”. I am digging deep into why eating healthfully is important to me, why I have done self-sabotaging behaviors in the past, how to overcome patterns of emotional eating and how to incorporate all types of foods without an all or nothing mentality. In addition to learning how to actually incorporate quality of life foods and still be moving toward my goals, I really feel like my goal setting is so much improved. Small weekly goals make so much sense for me. Becoming aware of triggers to mindless eating, being able to pause and to create strategies to avoid them - huge for me! My biggest win: trusting the process. It was tough mentally for me to decrease my HIIT classes and swap it out for strength and rest days but I feel stronger in my workings, am sleeping better and have shed some inches. While 6 weeks is obviously not enough time to undo a lifetime of unhealthy food relationships, I feel like I am on the path to success thanks to this course!

Kari Ramsby

This experience has been eye opening! I had no idea how much I was really eating on a daily basis. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing weight but it completely makes sense now. This program has taught me so much. I still have a long way to go but I have made small changes that I think will eventually have a big pay off. The best part of the program is that I never feel judged and when I share how my week went, Esther and Meg make me really think about why it went that way.

Kristy Schutz

Mostly I am just so much more confident that I am the one who is in charge of what I eat and why I eat it!! The support is unbelievable!!! The patience in answering the same questions and reassuring that change is coming, the knowledge in what fuels our bodies, the excitement for all wins, there is way too much to pick a "most valuable"! I cannot begin to portray my thanks!

Leah Sonji

I went down a full pant size. And I feel so much more stronger than before. I have a good handle on food tracking now and it's become more of a habit and less of a chore. Having the daily accountability with food tracking was really helpful to get into the swing of things. I really appreciated how encouraging and responsive you both were. I could tell you really wanted us to succeed and learn! Thank you!

Lindsay Breakfield

In addition to losing pounds and inches, I feel a lot stronger and more energized. My clothes are loose, and I can cross my legs again:). The exercise piece has been invaluable, and I am losing weight eating 300-400 more calories on average per day. The first couple weeks were frustrating, but it pays to trust the process.

Lucinda T.

“I learned so much. I learned how much food prepping sets me up for the rest of the week and that way I’m not floundering and making bad decisions. I’m most proud of being All In on it. One or two bad decisions didn’t rerail the whole thing”

Margie W

“Foundations was the support I needed for a woman over 50. I have been trying for 2 years to decrease my weight. Adjusting my calories and providing me with macro targets, my weight is finally going down. I am now able to have both a weight decrease and build muscle. I am excited to continue with my new lifestyle!”

Michele Wood

I learned so much. I learned how much food prepping sets me up for the rest of the week and that way I’m not floundering and making bad decisions. I’m most proud of being All In on it. One or two bad decisions didn’t rerail the whole thing” - Lucinda T “Having a new plan laid out for me was perfect. I didn’t really change much of what I was eating, but HOW much. I learned through the tracking that beforehand, I probably had the tendency to undereat. I slow down during mealtime and focus on what I’m eating and not doing a hundred other things. You guys helped me look at why I was always exhausted when I woke up in the morning - adding in the sleep meditation at night has helped me sleep a lot better. As much as I came into this thinking I knew everything there was to know, I’ve learned a ton.

Nancy MacDonald

I lost 9 lbs. from the time I signed up until now. I was able to dig myself out of a terrible Covid-induced food/health rut. I needed to turn the page and this course helped me do it. I feel ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle and to do this for the rest of my life. The factual nutritional information, the encouragement, and the positive energy in general helped me to never get bored or give up.

Pat Gamble

I have learned so much about macros and how to plan in advance what I will be eating each day. I have not felt hungry. I am walking 8000 steps each day, and enjoying it! I am also doing the strength exercises 3 times a week. Esther and Meg are readily available to answer questions and giving individual informational advice throughout the program. The videos, recipes and the Nutritional bible make figuring out macros very easy. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to loose weight, learn how to eat healthier, and feel great! Thank you!!

Tammie M

"I’m so glad I challenged myself to these 6 weeks! I learned so much about nutrition and how taking just 20-30 minutes the night before helps set me up for a successful day tomorrow. I’ve learned how to plan for special dinners or just how to fit in wine or a special desert without feeling guilty or derived. The support I received from Esther and Meg are exceptional and I highly recommend this group to anyone."

Wendy Kosmak

"I've lost 12 lbs but for me the changes are been more about my day to day. My biggest ah-ha is about MORE strength training, using heavier weights and actually taking REST days!! I feel like I'm focused on the right things for the first time ever. Foundations helped me better understand how to incorporate healthy eating and strength training into my routines and I feel like I can live my life while achieving my goals for weight loss. Tracking macros let me enjoy the same food that my family eats and understand how my portion size and what I eat affects how I feel. I have created great habits in just six week and feel very confident I can continue on this path!"


"Those 12 weeks came and went and I realized I was a different person than the one who had started on this journey. It's the best decision I ever made. Esther is so much more than a trainer at this point. She is a confidant, a shoulder to lean on, and a friend. She goes above and beyond to keep me on track and she gives the best advice when I'm in a panic over all of life's worries. I am so thankful for this woman and her unwavering support.”

Jean S.

“Esther gives me great wisdom, she provides honest feedback, helps me to evaluate my thought patterns, and helps me create a food gameplan for what I'm going into each week. It's like having a friend who also keeps you accountable so you'll be successful and meet your goals. If you're looking at expenses, this is the best money you'll spend because you're investing in yourself and your own health. There's nothing better than looking back and knowing you've accomplished what you set out to do, and Esther will help you do that!”

Yvonne M.

"I have been quite impressed with the education of the program & how it has helped me to refocus on my food intake and exercising. Esther has been the most committed, motivational coach that one could have. I am loving the way my clothes are fitting me now and I love the compliments that I'm getting.Thanks to Esther, I'm where I want to be."

Donna S.

"I started working with Esther because I needed help with my nutrition. She is an excellent listener, responds to all my messages, and she always offers excellent suggestions. She is also ALWAYS positive, even when I'm not! I eat a much more healthy diet, and I feel better about myself now. You will love working with Esther!”

Maureen W.

“Esther provided the tools to make real change in my life. She provided the workouts, nutrition info, and ways to incorporate positive change in my life. All of that along with the knowledge and encouragement to make it happen.”

Levina S.

“If you're worried about this just being another thing that won't work for you, you can stop there. I came into this hoping for noticeable physical changes (weight loss, toned, etc) but have gotten more than that. I believe inner change is what helps so much more and I am getting that. I'm definitely more encouraged with being with Esther than I have been with any program.”

Arla S.

"You are an amazing young woman who has a heart for healing people find themselves and get healthier… and confident. You have touched my life in a way that you will never know… I could hug you for being you and so wonderful to me."