How long have you been putting yourself on the back burner? Probably a long time.

You're struggling to even use your Peleton consistently and that's right in your house, so needless to say, spending hours in a gym just isn’t a luxury that you have time for (or interest in).

Meals are more about getting something fast and easy on the table than making sure they support your weight loss goals.

You care about what your kids eat, so dinners are usually decent, but the meals where you only have to worry about yourself? HA! Skipping meals, grabbing whatever is within reach, generally just not giving AF about what you're putting in your body.

The demands of working, raising kids, just life, in general, leave you exhausted. By the time the day ends, you're not up for much of anything besides crashing on the couch for some mindless tv and snacks (always snacks.)

You love your job, your kids, your just don't really recognize that woman staring back at you in the mirror and you certainly don't love the way you've been feeling the last....long time.

How did this happen? How did your weight get so out of control?

You’ve tried everything.

Whatever someone recommends in a FB group, you'll give a shot.

Supplements, products, detoxes, challenges, I name it, you've tried it.

Sometimes they worked, at least for a hot minute. But they sucked & you felt like crap so it didn't last long. And then the weight came back, like it always does.

You’re tired of not lasting more than a few days on a diet or workout program before falling off the wagon. Of feeling like you're good for a couple months and then life gets in the way and you're back at square one.

Why bother spending every last ounce of time, energy, or willpower on the next attempt if you're just going to end up gaining the weight back?  

You want real, lasting results. And you don't want to be miserable while you achieve them. (Is that so much to ask, really?) 

The things you've been doing are not what you actually need to do to start feeling better & losing weight for the last time.  


Being able to wear anything in your closet instead of just the 4 things you've been cycling through the last few years?

How good it would feel to actually believe your husband when he complimented you?

Eating normal meals with your family and still reaching your weight loss goals?

Going out on the boat or on vacation and not stressing about how you look in your bathing suit or comparing yourself to your friends?

How much more you could get done at work if your energy didn't plummet everyday around 3pm?

If the weight you've struggled with for so long was GONE FOR GOOD?

You can have all these things. A lot sooner & easier than you think.


Hey. I’m Esther. 

A few years ago a client told me that when she first met me, her first thoughts were, “what does this skinny b*tch know about my struggles?”  

It still makes me chuckle but I get it. You may have thought the same thing.

Even though I've figured this stuff out now & devoted my career to helping other women do the same, it wasn't always this way.

In fact, I know very well what it’s like to put all your other responsibilities before yourself because you want to do a good job and make everyone happy.

Lemme tell you a little about me:

I discovered my love for the gym in the early 2000’s because it allowed me to get exercise without being on a sports team (where my lack of athleticism was on display for all to see.)  

It was something I could do just for me and I loved it. It’s a big factor in how I ended up majoring in Exercise Science at Boston University.

Along with college came the typical unlimited ice cream and cereal in the dining hall, meeting boys and eating late night pizza, studying (and partying) instead of going to the gym.

The net result at the end of freshman year?  

Oh just the ol' Freshman 15 x2.

After college I struggled with binge eating, ups and downs with my weight.

Each time I gained, I’d make some desperate attempt to lose it FAST: restricting & eliminating foods, diets like Whole30, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, even a (very brief) raw diet. I tried a Master Cleanse, for Christ's sake.

Despite all my knowledge and experience I was still grasping at straws.  

Now? I figured it out: 

I’ve come a long way from outgrowing my "fat pants."

I eat foods that are good for me AND that I enjoy, every single day.  

I know how to put together meals that support my health, fuel my activity level, and leave me feeling awesome.  

I don’t restrict or eliminate any foods and I indulge in moderation, without guilt.

I workout because it's who I am, not because I have to.

I know that one slip up won’t do a damn thing to hurt me and I treat myself with compassion.

I have mastered the basic skills that will allow me to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life.

This is the same success I want for you. And it’s exactly what our clients achieve:

"I have been quite impressed with the education of the program & how it has helped me to refocus on my food intake and exercising. Esther has been the most committed, motivational coach that one could have. I am loving the way my clothes are fitting me now and I love the compliments that I'm getting.Thanks to Esther, I'm where I want to be." 

- Yvonne M.

"I started working with Esther because I needed help with my nutrition. She is an excellent listener, responds to all my messages, and she always offers excellent suggestions. She is also ALWAYS positive, even when I'm not! I eat a much more healthy diet, and I feel better about myself now. You will love working with Esther!” 

-Donna S.

“Esther provided the tools to make real change in my life. She provided the workouts, nutrition info, and ways to incorporate positive change in my life. All of that along with the knowledge and encouragement to make it happen.” 

- Maureen W.

My mission with EA Coaching is to help you realize that living your healthiest, happiest, most confident life isn't nearly as hard as you think.

It doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be miserable.

And the weight doesn't have to come back. 


My Gone For Good Program is the Answer To Changing Your Life. For Good.

Online coaching allows us to work together no matter where you live.

My 90-day Gone For Good weight loss program tackles 4 key pillars of health:  

Customized Workouts

Know exactly what to do for each and every workout to maximize your results and minimize wasted time.

After we to talk goals, experience, availability, and complete a baseline assessment, we write a comprehensive program just for you. 

Taken into account are your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, injuries and limitations, and time and equipment constraints. 

You'll have exercise descriptions, photos, and video demos to help ensure proper form. 

Our easy-to-use app makes tracking your progress a breeze.  

Individualized Nutrition Targets 

No more food rules. No more restrictions. No one-size fits all "solution" here.

We work together to come up with a nutrition plan specific to your life.

Included is meal planning, dining out, putting together balanced meals, portion-sizes, learning to listen to your body.

You'll learn exactly what, and how much, to eat to look and feel your best and maintain your results effortlessly.  

You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods, eat the same meals as your family, and still lose weight.  

Mindset Mastery & Lifestyle Integration

Coaching won't just help you lose weight, but will make sure you have the skills and tools you need to keep it off.

We focus on crucial, but often overlooked, topics like mindset, building resolve, and managing stress. 

We also focus on integrating your exercise and nutrition habits into your lifestyle so that when it comes time to maintain your healthy weight, it’s not a struggle at all. 

Support & Accountability

We start with a kickoff cal with your accountability coach where you'll take a deep dive into your lifestyle and prioritize which changes to tackle first.

You'll have one-on-one coaching calls and weekly check-ins to ensure that you always have clear goals and a plan for accomplishing them each week. By making food & fitness fi your life, we make it easy to get from A to B without overwhelm. 

In between calls, you have 24/7 messenger access to your coach, via your private coaching portal, as well as the whole team of coaches and whole GFG community in a private FB group. You will constantly feel supported knowing that we're in your corner every step of the way.

This approach is exactly what you need to lose weight for the last time. 

No more ups & downs. 

No more losing the same 10, 15, 30 pounds over and over again. 

Lose it FOR GOOD.


Why Work With EA Coaching?

We know what it’s like to want to excel at work, at school, in your marriage, as a mother, a friend. And to find that there's nothing left for yourself.  

We know what it’s like to have the slightest disruption to your precious routines throw you into a tailspin of emotional eating and inactivity.  

Not a lot of coaches understand that it can be hard to say “no” to others in order to focus on yourself. But we get it. You are not alone!  

The truth is, we weren’t able to stop experiencing the high-highs and low-lows of our weight until we realized how much our health and happiness spilled over into every other aspect of our lives!

At the end of the day, we know where you are coming from because we are you!  

Between us we have 11 kids, 5 husbands, ~427 weekly activities, and a combined more than 20 degrees and certifications, and 30 years of coaching experience.

Esther has been working in the fitness industry since 2006 and worked in a variety of settings (commercial, corporate, boutique, municipal) before launching EAWC online in 2015. She has a B.S. Exercise Science from Boston University, Precision Nutrition Level 2 Nutrition Coach + former intern, ACE-certified Healthy Behaviors Coach, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Cooper Institute certified Life Coach + former intern, GGS Certified Pre- and Postnatal Coach, IOPN diploma in Sports Nutrition, Certified Sports Nutritionist from the Institute of Sports Nutrition, and TRX Suspension Group Trainer. She is a mom of 1 and has moved all over the world (currently Germany) with her active duty Navy husband.

Meg is a NCI certified nutrition coach, and NESTA certified personal trainer as well as an Army wife, mother of two teenage girls, and lover all things fitness-y as well as ice cream. She’s a macro tetris pro and has done a little bit of everything in the fitness world.  Marathons, CrossFit, bikini comps, bro lifting—she’s had fun doing most of it. It took lots of trial and error, and a couple of missteps, but has finally found a place of balance, and wants to be able to share that with others. She’s a firm believer in consistency over perfection, patience, and finding a way to live that is sustainable for YOU. 

Tanya is a Registered Dietitian, born and raised in Upstate New York. She has a passion for health, nutrition, and fitness and was drawn to the health field due to her strong desire for helping others. She wants every individual to look and feel their best and believes any goal is attainable as long as it is backed by motivation and effort. Her favorite foods include peanut butter, avocados, and chocolate chip cookies. Aside from food, Tanya enjoys hiking, painting, and watching the sunset.

Jenny is a mindset mentor and life coach who helps her clients heal their relationships, emotions, energy, and mind so they can stop the behavior patterns that keep sabotaging their success. Utilizing specialized techniques like neurolinguistic programming and brain rewiring along with experience as a teacher and fitness and nutrition coach, she teaches her clients how to become strong and confident from the inside out and reconnect with their inner wisdom so they can process emotions, heal from past trauma, and live life without shame, fear, judgement, or confusion. Jenny and her husband Andy have been married for 14 years and have 2 children.

Vanessa is a mom of 4 (including infant twins) and Physiotherapist with a Women's Health specialty. She knows the pain of struggling to find time for yourself and dealing with a distorted body image. After years of bouncing around fad diets and exercise programs, she finally figured this whole thing out and lives a happy balanced life with her big family. She is passionate about helping women find this same freedom and to make time for themselves again. She has the following credentials: MSc (Physiotherapy), Pre- & Post-Natal Exercise Expert, Pain Science, Injury Modification & Rehab, Core Training in CrossFit, Nutrition in Fitness

Kacie is a Navy wife, mom of two, veteran client of EAWC, and newly certified as an ACE-personal trainer & PN nutrition coach. She's an expert at doing things she said she never would (running a half marathon, competing in Crossfit) and will be serving as a mentor to you.


Those 12 weeks came and went and I realized I was a different person than the one who had started on this journey. It's the best decision I ever made.  

Esther is so much more than a trainer at this point. She is a confidant, a shoulder to lean on, and a friend. She goes above and beyond to keep me on track and she gives the best advice when I'm in a panic over all of life's worries. I am so thankful for this woman and her unwavering support.”

- Kacie S.

“If you're worried about this just being another thing that won't work for you, you can stop there. I came into this hoping for noticeable physical changes (weight loss, toned, etc) but have gotten more than that. I believe inner change is what helps so much more and I am getting that.  

 I'm definitely more encouraged with being with Esther than I have been with any program.”

- Levina S.

"You are an amazing young woman who has a heart for healing people find themselves and get healthier… and confident. You have touched my life in a way that you will never know… I could hug you for being you and so wonderful to me."  

-Arla S.

“Esther gives me great wisdom, she provides honest feedback, helps me to evaluate my thought patterns, and helps me create a food gameplan for what I'm going into each week.  

It's like having a friend who also keeps you accountable so you'll be successful and meet your goals.  

If you're looking at expenses, this is the best money you'll spend because you're investing in yourself and your own health.  

  There's nothing better than looking back and knowing you've accomplished what you set out to do, and Esther will help you do that!”

- Jean S.

How It Works

My 3-phase process will take you from frustrated to confident in just 90-days:

The Foundation

Lay the groundwork for long-term success by mastering the basics of nutrition & exercise

Week 1 - Why track your food?

Week 2- Master the Big Rocks

Week 3 - Why strength train?

Week 4 - Stop living & dying by the scale

Week 5 - Things that matter besides macros

Week 6 - Welcome to the Grind

The Inner Workings

Building on the basics by focusing on topics often overlooked but critical for success.

Week 7 - Becoming the person you want to be

Week 8 - Overcoming negative thoughts

Week 9 - How stress & sleep affect weight loss

The Future

Ensuring you have all tools necessary to take ownership of your long-term success

Week 10 - Adjusting your own macros

Week 11 - Easing out of tracking

Week 12 - Writing strength workouts

What's Included?

Gone For Good is a 90-day, intensive coaching program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you achieve your weight loss goals - for good this time.

You will receive:

  • Individualized fat loss nutrition targets a
  • Customized workout program with demos, progress tracking, and form checks
  • 1-on-1 coaching calls with your accountability coach
  • Weekly success check-ins
  • 24/7 messenger access to ask your coach anything between calls
  • Private FB group with access to your whole team of coaches & community of other GFGers
  • Mindset, self-esteem & self-efficacy exercises
  • Weekly educational modules on nutrition, exercise, and mindset topics
  • Nutrition & Food Tracking Bible & How to Meal Plan & Prep Like a Pro ebooks (90+ pages of info, tips & tricks, how to's, templates, and cheat sheets)
  • Access to monthly Recipe Club eBooks with scannable barcodes
  • Additional resources specific to your needs & goals  
  • The support & literally everything you need to be successful

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