Congrats on deciding to take the next step in your journey of health, weight loss, and becoming the absolute best version of yourself!

We’re so excited to work with you and will do everything we can to ensure you have a life-changing experience and accomplish all of your goals!

This page contains info about the next steps of the process and all of the amazing things you’ll have access to as an EA Coaching client!

Thank you again for choosing EA Coaching to help you transform your life. We’re here for you every step of the way!

~Esther, Meg, Amber, Emilia, Lauren, Lindsay, Sandi, Rachel, Jenny, and Kacie

Next Steps

Premium Clients – Within 24 hours of submitting your payment & completing the intake form, we will reach out via email from to introduce you to your 1:1 coach.

Your coach will email you back with some proposed days/times for your 45-min Zoom kickoff call.

Standard Clients – After completing the intake form, please use this link to book your 15-min kickoff phone call.

If you’d like to start checking things out in the meantime, keep reading!

You‘ll have the opportunity on your kickoff call to ask questions and get help with any of the tech stuff that might seem confusing.

Logging Into Your Member Dashboard

Log into your Member Dashboard for the first time at

Your username is your email and you‘ll need to reset your password before logging in for the first time.

Breaking Down Your Member Dashboard

This is your hub for all the things: your Courses, Extra Resources, Important Links, and Bonus Guides.

The Gone For Good curriculum provides the framework of what you will cover during coaching. You and your coaches will modify and supplement as needed to customize.

Your Toolboxes contain all the supplemental lessons & resources you need to develop the skills & tools that you and your coaches deem may be needed to help you reach your goals & stay there. Feel free to just dive in or to ask your coaches for recommendations of what might benefit you the most.

Log into the portal – this is where you submit progress updates, get the weekly check-in link, log workouts, and message your coach (Premium).
Book a call – this is where you book SOS calls (Standard/Club) and Mindset Breakthrough Sessions (Premium).
Private podcast – this is where you can listen to replays of group calls
Zoom room – this is where you can log into group calls
Join group – this is where you can access the FB group

Call schedule – See the upcoming month’s group call/office hours schedule & subscribe to our Google calendar.
Recipe database – Access our searchable database with recipes already in MFP. You can save recipes, create meal plans, & print grocery lists.
Fave things -Get snack, clothing, equipment, and more recommendations from coaches & clients. 
Club quests – Learn about how to qualify for our long-term  consistency challenges.
Peloton calendar – View & print our monthly Peloton workout calendar.
Masterclass vault – Watch any past Masterclass presented by a guest expert.

The guides here below will help you address specific, common challenges. They are also located within the Toolboxes.

Setting up your "portal" account

Your “portal” account is where you will upload progress updates, log strength workouts, receive the link to your weekly check-in form, connect MyFitnessPal (Premium clients) and communicate 1:1 with your coach (Premium clients).

The video to the left will walk you through the process. Please do this before your kickoff call so your coach can walk you through any issues.

Weekly Check-ins

Your weekly check-in form is the best way for your coach to know what’s going on with you & how she can help. The more thoroughly you complete the check-in form that is messaged to you every Friday afternoon through the portal, the better able your coach will be to give you useful feedback.

The form is also linked here for your convenience:

We encourage weekly measurements & photos to help us keep tabs on your progress. We find that clients who embrace the “frequent” updates are typically more open to the coaching process, overall, and therefore have better results.

We prefer this frequency, not because anything drastic happens from one week to the next but because it helps you make doing it routine, gives you a weekend anchor to your goals, and will help you be more consistent with measuring sites so that the data you’re collecting is more reliable. We’re better able to track trends and make adjustments when we have more data.

If you have concerns about this, you can discuss this with your coach on your Kickoff Call.

Join our Referral Program

Our clients do an amazing job of introducing us to their friends, family, and peers, so as a way to say thank you for that, we’ve created the Referral Program. We’re committed to creating a VIP experience both for you and the people you introduce us to in the future!

Benefits for you: Gifts, free coaching, or cash of equal value, become the person your loved ones have to thank for helping change their lives, not having to hear your coworkers and friends whine about their latest miserable diet! We’ll contact you whenever someone you’ve introduced signs up!

Benefits for your friends & family: “Starting Success” gift bundle, 1-free month of the Club, finally breaking the diet cycle, and more…

Benefits for EA Coaching: Sustainable growth, the opportunity to serve more women who need our help, getting to share the wealth with you!

Meet Your Coaches


Esther has been working in the fitness industry since 2006 and worked in a variety of settings (commercial, corporate, boutique, municipal) before launching EAWC online in 2015. She has a B.S. Exercise Science from Boston University, Precision Nutrition Level 2 Nutrition Coach + former intern, ACE-certified Healthy Behaviors Coach, ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Cooper Institute certified Life Coach + former intern, GGS Certified Pre- and Postnatal Coach, IOPN diploma in Sports Nutrition, Certified Sports Nutritionist from the Institute of Sports Nutrition, and TRX Suspension Group Trainer. She is a mom of 1 and has moved all over the world (currently Germany) with her active duty Navy husband. She enjoys all things brunch.

Premium Coach

Emilia is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the American Council on Exercise with more than 6 years of experience. She also holds an undergraduate degree in social work and psychology. She is a working mom of two little girls and understands the importance of efficiency and effectiveness in a fitness and nutrition program. She loves getting to connect with clients day and helping empower them to feel strong; both physically and mentally.

Premium & Standard Coach

Lindsay has a MS in National Security and was the safety lead on two of the Marine Corps tactical vehicle programs prior to adopting her oldest. She is now a homeschooling mom with three boys (4, 9, 16), a wife of 17 years, a veteran client of EAWC, and a newly certified Precision Nutrition coach. After years of struggling with her weight and yo-yo dieting, she found the answer to living a healthy, balanced life through EAWC, lost over 100#, and developed a passion to help women like herself achieve food freedom & happiness. She loves the beach, reading, fantasy football, and, of course, peanut butter.

Premium Coach

Sandi has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Counseling, Bachelors in Psychology, and is Certified Health, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery Coach, and group exercise instructor. Through her own personal weight loss journey of losing 60 lbs, she found a love of fitness and helping women balance the demands of motherhood and career to find the space for and protect the boundaries necessary for their own self-care. She’s a mom of 2 and lives in New Jersey where she co-owns a local fitness studio. She loves to help her clients create real, sustainable lifestyle changes that impact all dimensions of their wellness and, more often than not, trickle into their households and end up creating positive changes for the other family members as well.

Online Business Manager

Kacie is a veteran client of EA Coaching, and newly certified as an ACE-personal trainer & PN nutrition coach. You'll won't see all the hard work she puts in behind the scenes but you will see her in the FB group! She's an expert at doing things she said she never would like running a half marathon and competing in Crossfit, and is a Navy wife and mom of two.

Head Coach

Meg is a NCI certified nutrition coach and NESTA certified personal trainer, Army wife, mother of two teenage girls, and lover all things fitness-y as well as ice cream. She’s a macro tetris pro and has done a little bit of everything in the fitness world. Marathons, CrossFit, bikini comps, bro lifting—she’s had fun doing most of it. It took lots of trial and error, and a couple of missteps, but has finally found a place of balance, and wants to be able to share that with others. She’s a firm believer in consistency over perfection, patience, and finding a way to live that is sustainable for YOU.

Premium Coach

Amber has a B.A. in Health Science and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Nutrition Coach as well as a DotFIT certified trainer and Institute of Integrative Nutrition Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has always been passionate about health and fitness and can relate to struggles with weight, infertility and finding a healthy balance. The ocean is her favorite place in the world, she love animals (especially horses!), and if peanut butter was a blood type-that's what hers would be.

Registered Dietician & Standard Coach

Lauren has a BS in Nutrition and a MS in Kinesiology/Sports Nutrition and has worked as a Registered Dietitian for the past 9 years. She currently lives in Eastern North Carolina with her son and senior pup. Throughout her childhood, Lauren struggled with being overweight while playing sports and being active. She got into this profession selfishly but has gained a passion in helping others reach their individual nutrition goals. You can find Lauren on the beach, spending time with family, and trying out the newest local craft beer.

Mindset Coach

Jenny is a mindset mentor and life coach who helps her clients heal their relationships, emotions, energy, and mind so they can stop the behavior patterns that keep sabotaging their success. Utilizing specialized techniques like neurolinguistic programming and brain rewiring along with experience as a teacher and fitness and nutrition coach, she teaches her clients how to become strong and confident from the inside out and reconnect with their inner wisdom so they can process emotions, heal from past trauma, and live life without shame, fear, judgement, or confusion. Jenny and her husband Andy have been married for 14 years and have 2 children.

Exercise Physiologist

Rachel is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a BS and MS in Exercise Science and a PhD (abd) in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences. After overcoming body dysmorphia and coping with her emotions using food and alcohol, she found that an integrated health and wellness approach addressing all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit was the key to long-lasting happiness and success & helps her clients do the same. She loves taking her 2 mini schnauzers & one giant on hikes, tending her goats & chickens on her farm, and couch time!

What happens when my coaching ends?

Standard Clients – At the end of your 3 months of coaching, you’ll have the option to join our Club for ongoing support and guidance. This is the same level of access as our Standard clients receive and is a monthly membership at a rate of $175/month.

Premium Clients – At the end of your 3 months of coaching, you’ll have the option to continue with 1:1 coaching at a discounted rate or to join our Club for ongoing support and guidance. The Club is the same level of access as our Standard clients receive and is a monthly membership at a rate of $175/month.

Even when you are no longer a client, you’ll maintain access to the Gone For Good 12-week curriculum.

As we get toward the end of your initial 3 months, we’ll share more info about our continuation options – for now just focus on the task at hand!