1:1 Online Weight Loss Coaching Program

Make the next time you lose weight, the last time.

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You wake up everyday telling yourself that today, today is the day you will finally make a change. You start off full of good intentions but end the day full of wine and too many snacks – again.

You’re at your wits end, feeling like you’ve tried everything to lose weight but it doesn’t matter how little you eat or how long your blue dot or Apple rings streaks are, the scale won’t budge (except to go up)!

You want to cry just looking at all the clothes in your closet that no longer fit and you fear never will again.

You’re tired, period. Of not having any energy, of feeling fat, of saying “no” to things, of always being the last priority, of hiding in the background because you don’t have any self-confidence.

You don’t want another ebook, DIY plan, or impersonal program where you’re one of way too many.

Those scripted “coaches” you’re pretty sure are robots ain’t cutting it.


The on-your-own approach doesn’t work for you because you struggle to be accountable to yourself.


You want more than surface level help. You want an online weight loss coaching program where you develop an actual relationship with someone who sees you as more than a number and knows that you have a lot more going on than just trying to lose weight.


You want to stop feeling like you’re in this alone.

Imagine having a real person who is as invested in your success as you are and believes in you, even if you don’t!?

You need help with:

You know that having that kind of in-yo-face help would allow you to:

You just want someone who actually cares about helping you feel like you again!

Gone For Good 1:1 online weight loss coaching program is a transformative 12-week experience that takes you from “What is wrong with me?” to “I did it!”

“I started working with Esther because I needed help with my nutrition. She is an excellent listener, responds to all my messages, and she always offers excellent suggestions. She is also ALWAYS positive, even when I’m not! I eat a much more healthy diet, and I feel better about myself now. You will love working with Esther!” 

- Donna S.

With Gone For Good 1:1 online weight loss coaching program, you’ll have a nutrition & fitness professional in the passenger seat of your life, showing you how to transform your relationship with food & your body, without giving up the foods you love.

When you sign up, you’ll get the 1:1, white glove support, guidance, and accountability you need to revolutionize your health and create the life of your dreams.

Gone For Good 1:1 online weight loss coaching program gives you the personal attention you need to:

What’s Included:

Your weekly, 1:1 call is where you’ll get the hands-on coaching you need to pinpoint what’s holding you back and get laser focused on the exact steps to overcome those challenges so the numbers on the scale & tape measure finally drop. 

Together with your coach, you’ll work through our signature 3-phase framework, applying the lessons and principles to your life:

Phase 1 - The Foundation

You’ll get access to our entire Foundations group coaching curriculum and your 1:1 coach will help you deep dives into topics such as:

Phase 2 - Inner Workings

This phase will help you avoid the common pitfalls most DIY dieters fall victim to. Your coach will personally coach you through the often overlooked but crucial piece of the puzzle that is mindset work:

Phase 3 - The Future

Before wrapping up your private coaching, we want you to have all tools necessary to take ownership of your long-term success. Your coach will help ensure you understand high-level topics such as these (and any other questions you have):

Gone For Good 1:1 Online Weight Loss Coaching Program provides you:

Messenger Support

Personal Feedback

Weekly Modules help you:

Additionally, you receive:

Facebook Group


PDF Guides & eBooks

Live Group Coaching Calls & Office Hours

Private podcast feed of group call replays

Guest Masterclasses

Weight Loss Mindset Mastery

Self-paced course to help you learn how to master your mind and bring lasting weight loss within reach for you so you stop losing and gaining the same weight year after year.

Gone For Good 1:1 online weight loss coaching program offers you the personal guidance and support you need to finally take control of your health.

If you want to stop having that same “get yourself sh*t moment” every Monday and stop constantly thinking about your weight, you need to apply now.

Yes, even if you’ve tried it all.

Even if you’re scared.

Gone For Good 1:1 online weight loss coaching program can show you how to finally get all the pieces to fall into place.

Click the button below to apply for Gone For Good 1:1 online weight loss coaching program – it’s your first step toward losing weight for the last time – without being miserable in the process.

“Esther gives me great wisdom, she provides honest feedback, helps me to evaluate my thought patterns, and helps me create a food gameplan for what I’m going into each week.    

It’s like having a friend who also keeps you accountable so you’ll be successful and meet your goals.  

If you’re looking at expenses, this is the best money you’ll spend because you’re investing in yourself and your own health.   

There’s nothing better than looking back and knowing you’ve accomplished what you set out to do, and Esther will help you do that!”

- Jean S.

“Those 12 weeks came and went and I realized I was a different person than the one who had started on this journey. It’s the best decision I ever made.  

Esther is so much more than a trainer at this point. She is a confidant, a shoulder to lean on, and a friend. She goes above and beyond to keep me on track and she gives the best advice when I’m in a panic over all of life’s worries. I am so thankful for this woman and her unwavering support.”

- Kacie S.

Sound like what you need?

GFG is for women who want…

GFG is NOT for women who want...

Prior to becoming a coach, Esther spent years working in the service industry, from scooping ice cream in high school to bartending and living off French fries & nachos in college.

Coincidentally, college is when she outgrew her fat pants and entered her “yo yo years” when she tried every diet under the sun and eventually figured out how to maintain a body she loves without dieting or it being all consuming.

Fast forward 15 years and a lot of education: Esther has helped hundreds of working moms achieve this same freedom from food & live their healthiest, happiest, most confident lives.

She developed the Gone For Good private coaching to ensure you have the high level of support and guidance you need to change not just the number on the scale, but create the type of deep transformation that is truly life changing so you can genuinely love who you are.

Click the button below to apply - it’s your first step toward finally getting this weight off for good.

This 1:1 online weight loss coaching program is perfect for any woman who’s done with:

Trying every single diet out there

Feeling like you need to change everything about your life just to lose weight

Being consumed with thinking about food & weight your weight

If you’re ready to stop spending so. much. time. and. energy wishing you could lose weight but not knowing what to change, apply for a 1:1 spot now.


Frequently Asked Questions

GFG is a 1:1 weight loss coaching program that encompasses every aspect of the process, to include nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and mindset. You’ll have a very high level of support & accountability including weekly 1:1 coaching calls, around-the-clock messaging with your coach, monthly strength training workouts, individualized nutrition targets, 12-week educational curriculum, exclusive FB group access, group coaching opportunities, and more. If you are looking to lose weight for the last time and finally overcome all of the challenges that have held you back in the past, this is it.

GFG is for you if you want 1:1 support and almost literally someone holding your hand every step of the way to transforming mind, body, and spirit so you can step into your full potential. We can't do the work for you (and wouldn’t, anyway, because we want you to see that YOU are the magic here!) and you’ll be in the driver’s seat, but we’ll be an incredible co-pilot, providing the roadmap and helping guide you to the destination. In addition to your 1:1 coaching, you’ll get access to our entire team of coaches, supportive client community, and literally every program & product EA Coaching offers.

Because GFG is a 1:1 program, we are very selective with the clients we bring on. We want to make sure you’re a perfect fit for our coaching so we will meet with you for a phone consult first, learn more about you, if appropriate, offer you a spot, and answer your questions. If you accept your spot, we’ll get you onboarded, added to the FB group, introduced to your coach, and your kickoff call scheduled for as early as that same week. Your 12 weeks of calls and trainings will begin the following Monday.

Where should I start? First, GFG is the only 1:1 program created by ME lol!

But seriously, GFG is in a league of its own when it comes to weight loss coaching. Most programs are only concerned with the results you get while you’re in the program. We’re actually more concerned with what happens after. One of our top priorities is setting you up for a lifetime of success, which means helping you develop the tools, skills, and beliefs you need to maintain down the road, not just drop a bunch of weight really fast.

Not only that, but other programs may cover exercise or nutrition (rarely both) but almost none cover the mindset and lifestyle components as thoroughly and effectively as we do. We take an extremely comprehensive approach to weight loss because we know that everything is intertwined. Just addressing one or two of the main pillars may work for a time but until you address and level them all up simultaneously, you won’t see the lasting results you’re looking for.


Our coaches keep small rosters because it’s important to us to maintain a high level of personal connection with our clients. Unlike many companies out there, you won’t be one of hundreds or even dozens of 1:1 clients. You’ll be one of a handful, which means having someone in your corner who actually knows you, remembers the names of your kids & husband, important dates, etc. You’re not just Client 485 to us!

Need I go on?

Yup! If you’re willing to do the work, there’s literally nothing we can’t accomplish together. Coaching isn’t about plunking down a chunk of cash and expecting results immediately, it’s about learning how to get back in the driver’s seat of your own life. Your team of coaches will be in the jump seat with the roadmap, guiding you along the way to your destination, holding your hand over the bumps, and high fiving you when you do the things. The only way you wouldn’t be successful is if you just give up on yourself and with our support and belief in you, that’s really not an option.

I understand why you are asking this and in the event something catastrophic happened and you were unable to complete your coaching, of course I would be a reasonable human being and not hold your money hostage. Outside of that, though, there are no refunds or guarantees because honestly, they can become an easy way out for people who aren’t willing to do the work. We don’t want to work with anyone who’s going to have one foot out the door from day 1 so we expect that when you’re ready to work with us, you’re ready to make it the best investment you’ve ever made.

Part of why we conduct consult calls is to determine best fit. As our enrollment specialist is learning more about you, she’ll be thinking about which coach makes the most sense based on background, expertise, personality, etc.

If for whatever reason we end up mis-matching you with a coach you’re just not jiving with, all you have to do is email admin@estheravant.com and we’ll find you a better fit. (This has happened once, ever). 

Access to our private client FB group, community challenges, group coaching calls & office hours and our Foundations group coaching curriculum are all included in your 1:1 coaching experience.

If you don’t think 1:1 is your jam, check out our Foundations 6-week group program here.

Because we are so selective with the women we work with, investment for GFG isn’t something we share publicly. We know that the women who are a perfect fit for the program will understand the value of the investment and we’ll gladly share payment options on your consult (assuming you’re a good fit). If you’re looking for the cheapest option or are bargain shopping with your health, this ain’t it.

As soon as you accept our offer and do the necessary paperwork, usually within days of being offered a spot on your consult call.

We accept clients into GFG on a rolling basis as long as we have coaches with capacity (we keep small rosters to ensure plenty of personal attention). The real question, though, is why you want to put it off. If everything you needed to live your healthiest, happiest, and most confident life was available on the shelf at Target, you’d put on real pants, jump in the car, and go buy it, right? That’s what GFG is. You’ll always be able to rationalize why now isn’t the right time but honestly there will never be a perfect time and learning how to take action and make progress while life is happening is absolutely crucial if you’re serious about reaching your goals. I can’t think of a single good reason why you’d put off getting the help you need for even one more day.

Click the button below to book your consult and fill out the application.

No problem! Email esther@estheravant.com & ask away!

In 12-weeks, you can continue to be wondering what’s wrong with you that you can’t figure this out, or you can apply for our 1:1 online weight loss coaching program and get what you need to watch the number on the scale drop while your confidence skyrockets and you realize

you have the power to change anything about your life you’re unhappy with.


Adriane Scott

I knew when I signed up for EAWC Foundations I was going to get accurate information from trained professionals. The program gave me the tools to begin adjusting my lifestyle to be more healthy and productive. The weekly calls helped me to regain motivation and confidence that I CAN achieve my nutrition and fitness goals without extreme deprivation of foods that I enjoy. Esther and her team are super amazing and supportive. My biggest win is knowing that how I was before isn’t how I’m going to be. It is possible - even as I’m getting older - to accomplish what I feel would be an ideal healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t feel as overwhelming. Having that confirmation that losing weight or being healthier doesn't’ have to be so hard. It was kind of like a breath of fresh air.

Andrea Schork

I'm so glad I did this! I've always quit after a few days, but this program gave me the confidence in what I was doing with tracking and macro counting to want to keep doing it because I was more sure it would work! I lost almost 10 pounds, several inches off my waist and hips especially, and more importantly, gained the determination to keep going with this new way of eating. I'm so happy with this change in my lifestyle and can't wait to keep progressing toward my goals! Thank you!

Colleen F

This Foundations course has been tremendous in helping me learn my “whys” and “hows”. I am digging deep into why eating healthfully is important to me, why I have done self-sabotaging behaviors in the past, how to overcome patterns of emotional eating and how to incorporate all types of foods without an all or nothing mentality. In addition to learning how to actually incorporate quality of life foods and still be moving toward my goals, I really feel like my goal setting is so much improved. Small weekly goals make so much sense for me. Becoming aware of triggers to mindless eating, being able to pause and to create strategies to avoid them - huge for me! My biggest win: trusting the process. It was tough mentally for me to decrease my HIIT classes and swap it out for strength and rest days but I feel stronger in my workings, am sleeping better and have shed some inches. While 6 weeks is obviously not enough time to undo a lifetime of unhealthy food relationships, I feel like I am on the path to success thanks to this course!

Kari Ramsby

This experience has been eye opening! I had no idea how much I was really eating on a daily basis. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing weight but it completely makes sense now. This program has taught me so much. I still have a long way to go but I have made small changes that I think will eventually have a big pay off. The best part of the program is that I never feel judged and when I share how my week went, Esther and Meg make me really think about why it went that way.

Kristy Schutz

Mostly I am just so much more confident that I am the one who is in charge of what I eat and why I eat it!! The support is unbelievable!!! The patience in answering the same questions and reassuring that change is coming, the knowledge in what fuels our bodies, the excitement for all wins, there is way too much to pick a "most valuable"! I cannot begin to portray my thanks!

Leah Sonji

I went down a full pant size. And I feel so much more stronger than before. I have a good handle on food tracking now and it's become more of a habit and less of a chore. Having the daily accountability with food tracking was really helpful to get into the swing of things. I really appreciated how encouraging and responsive you both were. I could tell you really wanted us to succeed and learn! Thank you!

Lindsay Breakfield

In addition to losing pounds and inches, I feel a lot stronger and more energized. My clothes are loose, and I can cross my legs again:). The exercise piece has been invaluable, and I am losing weight eating 300-400 more calories on average per day. The first couple weeks were frustrating, but it pays to trust the process.

Lucinda T.

“I learned so much. I learned how much food prepping sets me up for the rest of the week and that way I’m not floundering and making bad decisions. I’m most proud of being All In on it. One or two bad decisions didn’t rerail the whole thing”

Margie W

“Foundations was the support I needed for a woman over 50. I have been trying for 2 years to decrease my weight. Adjusting my calories and providing me with macro targets, my weight is finally going down. I am now able to have both a weight decrease and build muscle. I am excited to continue with my new lifestyle!”

Michele Wood

I learned so much. I learned how much food prepping sets me up for the rest of the week and that way I’m not floundering and making bad decisions. I’m most proud of being All In on it. One or two bad decisions didn’t rerail the whole thing” - Lucinda T “Having a new plan laid out for me was perfect. I didn’t really change much of what I was eating, but HOW much. I learned through the tracking that beforehand, I probably had the tendency to undereat. I slow down during mealtime and focus on what I’m eating and not doing a hundred other things. You guys helped me look at why I was always exhausted when I woke up in the morning - adding in the sleep meditation at night has helped me sleep a lot better. As much as I came into this thinking I knew everything there was to know, I’ve learned a ton.

Nancy MacDonald

I lost 9 lbs. from the time I signed up until now. I was able to dig myself out of a terrible Covid-induced food/health rut. I needed to turn the page and this course helped me do it. I feel ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle and to do this for the rest of my life. The factual nutritional information, the encouragement, and the positive energy in general helped me to never get bored or give up.

Pat Gamble

I have learned so much about macros and how to plan in advance what I will be eating each day. I have not felt hungry. I am walking 8000 steps each day, and enjoying it! I am also doing the strength exercises 3 times a week. Esther and Meg are readily available to answer questions and giving individual informational advice throughout the program. The videos, recipes and the Nutritional bible make figuring out macros very easy. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to loose weight, learn how to eat healthier, and feel great! Thank you!!

Tammie M

"I’m so glad I challenged myself to these 6 weeks! I learned so much about nutrition and how taking just 20-30 minutes the night before helps set me up for a successful day tomorrow. I’ve learned how to plan for special dinners or just how to fit in wine or a special desert without feeling guilty or derived. The support I received from Esther and Meg are exceptional and I highly recommend this group to anyone."

Wendy Kosmak

"I've lost 12 lbs but for me the changes are been more about my day to day. My biggest ah-ha is about MORE strength training, using heavier weights and actually taking REST days!! I feel like I'm focused on the right things for the first time ever. Foundations helped me better understand how to incorporate healthy eating and strength training into my routines and I feel like I can live my life while achieving my goals for weight loss. Tracking macros let me enjoy the same food that my family eats and understand how my portion size and what I eat affects how I feel. I have created great habits in just six week and feel very confident I can continue on this path!"


"Those 12 weeks came and went and I realized I was a different person than the one who had started on this journey. It's the best decision I ever made. Esther is so much more than a trainer at this point. She is a confidant, a shoulder to lean on, and a friend. She goes above and beyond to keep me on track and she gives the best advice when I'm in a panic over all of life's worries. I am so thankful for this woman and her unwavering support.”

Jean S.

“Esther gives me great wisdom, she provides honest feedback, helps me to evaluate my thought patterns, and helps me create a food gameplan for what I'm going into each week. It's like having a friend who also keeps you accountable so you'll be successful and meet your goals. If you're looking at expenses, this is the best money you'll spend because you're investing in yourself and your own health. There's nothing better than looking back and knowing you've accomplished what you set out to do, and Esther will help you do that!”

Yvonne M.

"I have been quite impressed with the education of the program & how it has helped me to refocus on my food intake and exercising. Esther has been the most committed, motivational coach that one could have. I am loving the way my clothes are fitting me now and I love the compliments that I'm getting.Thanks to Esther, I'm where I want to be."

Donna S.

"I started working with Esther because I needed help with my nutrition. She is an excellent listener, responds to all my messages, and she always offers excellent suggestions. She is also ALWAYS positive, even when I'm not! I eat a much more healthy diet, and I feel better about myself now. You will love working with Esther!”

Maureen W.

“Esther provided the tools to make real change in my life. She provided the workouts, nutrition info, and ways to incorporate positive change in my life. All of that along with the knowledge and encouragement to make it happen.”

Levina S.

“If you're worried about this just being another thing that won't work for you, you can stop there. I came into this hoping for noticeable physical changes (weight loss, toned, etc) but have gotten more than that. I believe inner change is what helps so much more and I am getting that. I'm definitely more encouraged with being with Esther than I have been with any program.”

Arla S.

"You are an amazing young woman who has a heart for healing people find themselves and get healthier… and confident. You have touched my life in a way that you will never know… I could hug you for being you and so wonderful to me."