106. How to Make Losing Weight Easier

how to make losing weight easier

Ya know that whole belief that if you’re not on the brink of exhaustion or a mental breakdown, you must not be doing enough?

Or that if you’re not  totally miserable while you’re losing weight, you must not be trying hard enough?

It’s time to put an end to those.

Does it take effort? Of course! But you can certainly learn how to make losing weight easier by reframing how you approach your day to day:

Make The Pointless-But-Easy Things Harder To Do

Perfect example? Social media. It’s a waste of time to scroll for hours but very easy to do. How can you make it harder? Simple. Take the apps off your phone.

Figure out where you’re wasting time and find ways to make it hard – and less enticing – to do those things.

Make The Important Things Easier

When it comes to losing weight, only a handful of things really matter.

The key to making losing weight easier is to figure out how to make those effortless enough that you can do them everyday – with or without motivation.

For example, you know that having nutritious meals prepared in advance is a life saver when you’re in the middle of a busy week. But if the idea of spending time in the kitchen meal prepping makes you want to run for the hills – then don’t.

If you have the resources, consider a meal delivery service.

If that’s not an option, prep a single protein option and build quick meals around that each day.

Once you’ve figured out how to flip the switch and you’ve made it easier to do the essential Big Rocks, you’ll have figured out how to make losing weight easier

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