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The Nutrition and Food Tracking Bible

1 massive eBook jampacked with education, tips, tricks, and time savers to help you learn about nutrition and track macros effortlessly.

$70+ Value - Only $17!

Contents include 60+ pages of:

Scientific overview of nutrition basics of why tracking your calories and macros is a useful weight loss tool ($10 value)

Instructions and screenshots to take you every step of the way from downloading MyFitnessPal to inputting your food in seconds – no overwhelm! ($20 value)

 Tips, tricks, and time savers to effortlessly include indulgent foods in your weight loss diet, navigate social events and Рyes, even alcohol! (Priceless)

 BONUS РTemplates and Cheat Sheets to make planning meals, grocery shopping, and knowing what to eat a complete no-brainer! ($10 value)

BONUS – 3 digital recipe books with 30+ delicious, easy, and high-protein meal ideas so you have literally everything you need to eat for your goals! ($30 value)

$70+ Value Only 17!