Start tracking macros like a pro - today!

Tracking is the #1 tool to help you not just lose weight – while eating foods you actually enjoy – but also to learn how to maintain your results without tracking forever! It’s also really easy to mess up, get frustrated, and see no results – you can avoid all that with the Nutrition & Food Tracking Bible!

You know tracking macros could be a game changer but getting started is the hardest part!

The thought of trying it on your own is just so daunting.

You’re already spread so thin between working and momming that you’re like one inconvenience away from losing your sh*t. 

The last thing you need is to try to figure out tracking on your own, only to get overwhelmed or confused, throw in the towel, and then feel like you’ve failed at another thing!

You need a little help getting over the hump and  becoming an expert tracker and master of the “Big Rocks”!

Well here ya go, I created that for you!


the Nutrition & Food Tracking Bible

One massive ebook taking you from tracking novice to master of the “Big Rocks” in less time than it takes you to convince your toddler to put on her socks and shoes. 

Everything you need to know in to eliminate the overwhelm of getting started and start tracking macros to reach your weight loss goal is in the Nutrition & Food Tracking Bible

see for yourself

What's covered?

Oh, just everything you need to overcome all your excuses about why tracking macros is too hard or time consuming, to avoid all the newbie mistakes, and to start seeing results ASAP!


Nutrition Basics

Part 2

Tracking Basics

Part 3

Tracking How To's

PArt 4


Part 5


Everything you need to start using counting macros to lose weight while you love your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Nutrition & Food Tracking Bible is an ebook you’ll use to learn how to track and master the “Big Rocks” on your own.

Consider joining us in Foundations, our 6-week group coaching program that offers the guidance, accountability, and support you may need!

No, because the Nutrition & Food Tracking Bible is a digital product and you receive it in its entirety upon receipt of payment, we do not offer refunds.

Scroll up and check out the walkthrough video to see what we cover. You’re also welcome to email with any questions you have.

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