If you’re not losing weight, you’re probably quick to assume it’s because you haven’t found the perfect diet, yet. Or you’re just not working out long or hard enough.

In reality, it rarely has to do with those things. Here are 8 reasons you’re not losing weight (here are 5 that do have to do with diet and exercise):

Lack of Belief in Yourself

When you’ve had a lot of weight loss “failures” in the past, it’s hard to believe that the future can be any different. You’ve all but given up on yourself and you can’t even picture a reality other than the current one. You don’t believe that the body and life of your dreams is truly an option for you.

Solution: Do some thought work to uncover where your limiting beliefs are coming from and how to overcome them.

You’re Too Hung Up on How Fast

If you’re not trying to slim down for a vacation or a wedding with a firm deadline to motivate you, you struggle with staying consistent.
You do weight loss challenge after challenge.
You’re motivated by the scale dropping drastically each week, no matter what it takes. When that inevitably slows, your motivation goes out the window. You don’t think it’s inevitable that you’ll reach your ultimate goal. You allow yourself to be blinded by fad diets that promise immediate results, rather than focusing on what it will take to be successful long-term.
Solution: Get crystal clear on exactly how you want to be feeling and living in the future. If you want to feel comfortable going out, indulging with guilt, and taking rest days from the gym, you need to start doing those things now. When you start to become the version of yourself who knows how to sustain a healthy weight, reaching your goals becomes just a matter of time.

You’re Not Making Time

I’m not talking about time to exercise or grocery shop (though those things are important, obviously.) I’m talking about setting aside time specifically to think, to reflect, to strategize, and to plan.

You aren’t thinking about how you’ll reach your goals. Just that you really, really want to.

You wing it each week, hoping that somehow you’ll just start making decisions that are better aligned with your goals. You don’t set aside the time to plan for success and instead you’re consumed with negative thoughts about yourself and your future.

Solution: In addition to Life Admin time when you make a success plan for the upcoming week, set aside time daily and weekly to journal and reflect.

You Can’t See Where You’re Stuck

Without making changes, you’ll continue not losing weight. But when you’re too close to a problem, it’s hard to see the big picture.
You have a hard time remembering that a lot of the things you believe are just stories you’ve been telling yourself for a long time but aren’t actually true.
You feel stuck and at a loss as to what your next steps should be so you just keep spinning your wheels.
Solution: Take an objective approach and look at your own situation the same way you would look at a friend’s. Remove emotion and focus on the facts, even if they mean taking ownership of your results.

You Don’t Have The Skills

The longer you’ve been trying, but not losing weight, the more likely it is that you need to unlearn some bad habits and overcome some beliefs that just aren’t true.
You might need to learn about nutrition science to help you realize that carbs are not the enemy.
You might need to learn how to stay mindful when you’re eating socially, how to eat for your goals, what portion sizes look like, or what forms of exercise are actually aligned with your goals.
You need to develop new skills but you might not know which you need or how to develop them even if you did.
Solution: Go back to that picture of the future you envisioned and make a list of the skills that Future You needs in order to make that a reality. Compare those to your current skills and work on developing them one-by-one.

You Lack Accountability

Growing and changing things you’ve done or beliefs you’ve had for years is hard. It’s uncomfortable.
You might be motivated sometimes, but there is going to come a time when it feels easier to just stay where you are. You have to choose to grow.
Ultimately, you need to learn to be accountable to yourself and continue to grow regardless of how you feel in the moment.
Solution: Be accountable to another person while you work on being that person for yourself. 

The Best Solution of All

Having a weight loss coach is the absolute best way to tackle all of these issues.
You can outsource your belief to a coach until you start to believe in yourself just as much.
A coach knows that reaching your weight loss goals is inevitable when you focus on becoming the version of yourself who knows how to maintain a healthy weight.
Having a weekly call or check-in with a coach forces you to set aside time just for you to think, to reflect, to strategize, and to plan.
A coach provides an outside perspective into what’s tripping you up and how to fix it. Then it’s as simple as putting together a plan and following it. An educated and experienced coach will be able to tell right away which skills you need to develop and help you do exactly that in a way that isn’t overwhelming or defeating.
And finally, a good coach will help you become the CEO of your life so that you no longer need someone for outside accountability.
If it sounds like having a coach would help you reach your weight loss goals – for good – I’d love to talk to you about working together!