Attention Moms Who Are Tired of Feeling Exhausted and Unhappy with Their Weight - and Sick of Trying Everything Without Seeing Results

Lose The Weight (for Good!). Boost Your Confidence And Feel AMAZING Every Day!

Say goodbye to temporary fixes and HELLO to a healthy lifestyle that will have you shedding pounds without sacrificing your joy.

When your days and your mind, are full of thoughts like this... It can turn into moments like:

I want you to know it IS possible to turn those moments into moments like THIS:

I see you. Every time the scale goes up, you lose confidence and momentum. You lose a few pounds by following a strict diet – and then you have a cheat day and see it go up 2 lbs.

You decide the daily diet battle isn’t worth it if you can’t even enjoy one night of shamelessly going out to dinner.

Or maybe you lose weight for a special event, but as soon as it’s over, the weight creeps back on and you’re right back where you started.

Here's the truth: Your weight fluctuates with your efforts. If you quit every time you see it go back up, it gets harder and harder to stay committed, consistent, and confident that you’ll reach your goal.

But you don’t have to DIET your entire life to be healthy, happy and confident in your body. It’s time to finally break the cycle and create a plan – that fits your lifestyle – for weight loss that lasts.

It's time to say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and hello to sustainably controlling your weight while mastering food freedom, mindset flexibility, and physical fun.


Gone For Good Coaching Program

The most comprehensive 12-week, online weight loss coaching program that helps you lose weight without rigid diets or extreme exercise plans by leveraging the Gone For Good framework.

Easily commit to sustainable weight loss...

because you have the skills beyond just tracking and calorie counting (because it’s so much more than that).

Confidently get back to feeling like yourself and just being a mom...

present in the lives of your kids (and finally in those photos!) because you feel great in your own skin.

Consistently maintain the lifestyle you want...

without the guilt of “failing” or shame that you’ve “messed it up” because - let’s face it - that’s just not how it works.

Let's face it. Rigid weight loss programs are not for moms.

They’re boring. Soul sucking. And you’re too freaking busy to spend your entire Sunday meal prepping.

In the Gone For Good program, you get a customized exercise and nutrition plan that suits your lifestyle, personalized mindset and lifestyle tools and a team of experts to support you and hold you accountable.


Our 12-week Gone For Good program includes:


Value – $12,017 -$15,018

Your Investment:

Starting at $400/month

Real Moms. Real Results.

I’m down 30 pounds, all of my old clothes fit me again. I’m confident that I will never gain that weight back.” ~Emilee A.

“Having a coach there to really guide me through what was stopping me  was completely invaluable.” ~Lauren F.

“The best program I’ve ever done. I really, truly is a life-changing experience.” ~Jennifer D. 

I am happy with my results in 12 weeks! From the time I signed up through the end of week 12, I lost around 18 pounds.

I am happy with my results in 12 weeks! From the time I signed up through the end of week 12, I lost around 18 pounds. Physically, I feel better and my clothes fit much better. I have made a lot of progress with strength training. I have become more educated when it comes to nutrition. -Jaclyn S.

Gone for Good is not just another online weight loss coaching program.

Commitment, Consistency, and Confidence.

This framework is backed by 20 years of professional & personal experience in the health & weight loss industry, dozens of certifications, thousands of hours learning, implementing, and revising, and hundreds of client success stories.


Here’s the secret sauce to this model and how it works for YOU.

Secret 1: "Big Rocks" of Exercise & Nutrition

Ditch the “broken metabolism” BS and skip the 1,000 calorie diets.

Learn what matters, what to stop getting distracted by, and how to make it work for YOU.

Achieve sustainable weight loss – and maintenance – without overwhelm or exhaustion.

When you learn & master the “Big Rocks”, you’ll…

Secret 2: Comprehensive Support

Most online weight loss coaching programs offer impersonal & transactional accountability check-ins, leaving you feeling disconnected and unsupported.

In Gone For Good, you have a whole team of experts – and a community of fellow moms. Your team recognizes you as a unique individual, not just a number on a scale.

Having comprehensive support allows you to…

Secret 3: Compassionate Ownership

Most online weight loss coaching programs operate in extremes – either hardcore and “masculine” or overly soft and woo-woo. This only leaves you feeling ashamed or disempowered.

When you learn to take compassionate ownership you secure long-term, sustainable success without the mindset drama – this is where you cement your results for life!

When you learn to implement compassionate ownership you’ll be able to…

I’m a long-time sports nutritionist, weight loss coach, personal trainer, and the creator of Gone For Good.

I lost my mom, one of the most kind & compassionate women you’d ever meet, to cancer in my early 20s. When I created Gone For Good, I thought about what I think would have helped her overcome her struggles with her weight and make lasting changes to her lifestyle.

I couldn’t imagine her (or most women!) thriving in a hardcore, drill sergeant type environment where she felt belittled for her imperfections.

She – and all women – need comprehensive support, simplicity, and to learn how to take compassionate ownership of her future.

So that’s how I came to create my own 3-part framework for creating success with clients that I KNOW works.

My diet, body, and mindset have all improved and I am a much happier person all around.

I’ve learned so much through EA Coaching. I had been through so many programs, diets, cleanses. I was exhausted and ready to give up and just accept that I was never going to be that person who could lose weight and keep it off. Like many, I was doing everything backwards: over-restricting my diet, cardio for days, no strength training at all, not enough of the right nutrients, and then giving up and gaining back weight when it didn’t work. My diet, body, and mindset have all improved and I am a much happier person all around. -Errin R

Meet Your New Online Weight Loss Coaching Team

With almost 100 combined years in the industry, these women are here with ONE objective: to help you win.

Meg is a NCI certified nutrition coach, and NESTA certified personal trainer as well as an Army wife, mother of two teenage girls, and lover all things fitness-y as well as ice cream. She’s a macro tetris pro and has done a little bit of everything in the fitness world. Marathons, CrossFit, bikini comps, bro lifting—she’s had fun doing most of it. It took lots of trial and error, and a couple of missteps, but has finally found a place of balance, and wants to be able to share that with others. She’s a firm believer in consistency over perfection, patience, and finding a way to live that is sustainable for YOU.

Amber has a B.A. in Health Science and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Nutrition Coach as well as a DotFIT certified trainer and Institute of Integrative Nutrition Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has always been passionate about health and fitness and can relate to struggles with weight, infertility and finding a healthy balance. The ocean is her favorite place in the world, she love animals (especially horses!), and if peanut butter was a blood type-that’s what hers would be.

Emilia is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist through the American Council on Exercise with more than 6 years of experience. She also holds an undergraduate degree in social work and psychology. She is a working mom of two little girls and understands the importance of efficiency and effectiveness in a fitness and nutrition program. She loves getting to connect with clients day and helping empower them to feel strong; both physically and mentally.

Lindsay has a MS in National Security and was the safety lead on two of the Marine Corps tactical vehicle programs prior to adopting her oldest. She is now a homeschooling mom with three boys (4, 9, 16), a wife of 17 years, a veteran client of EAWC, and a certified Precision Nutrition coach. After years of struggling with her weight and yo-yo dieting, she found the answer to living a healthy, balanced life through EAWC and has a passion to help women like herself achieve food freedom and happiness. She loves the beach, reading when time permits, fantasy football, and, of course, peanut butter.

Sandi has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Counseling, Bachelors in Psychology, and is Certified Health, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery Coach, and group exercise instructor. Through her own personal weight loss journey of losing 60 lbs, she found a love of fitness and helping women balance the demands of motherhood and career to find the space for and protect the boundaries necessary for their own self-care. She’s a mom of 2 and lives in New Jersey where she co-owns a local fitness studio. She loves to help her clients create real, sustainable lifestyle changes that impact all dimensions of their wellness and, more often than not, trickle into their households and end up creating positive changes for the other family members as well.

Lauren has a BS in Nutrition and a MS in Kinesiology/Sports Nutrition. While working as a Registered Dietitian over the past 9 years, she has held many titles- Clinical Dietitian, Renal Dietitian, and Wellness Counselor. She currently lives in Eastern North Carolina with her son and senior pup. Throughout her childhood, Lauren struggled with being overweight while playing sports and being active. She got into this profession selfishly but has gained a passion in helping others reach their individual nutrition goals. On the weekends, you can find Lauren on the beach, spending time with family, and trying out the newest local craft beer.

Jenny is a mindset mentor and life coach who helps her clients heal their relationships, emotions, energy, and mind so they can stop the behavior patterns that keep sabotaging their success. Utilizing specialized techniques like neurolinguistic programming and brain rewiring along with experience as a teacher and fitness and nutrition coach, she teaches her clients how to become strong and confident from the inside out and reconnect with their inner wisdom so they can process emotions, heal from past trauma, and live life without shame, fear, judgement, or confusion. Jenny and her husband Andy have been married for 14 years and have 2 children.

Rachel is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a BS and MS in Exercise Science and a PhD (abd) in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Sciences. She has been a personal trainer for over 10 years with experience training a wide variety of clients. After overcoming body dysmorphia and coping with her emotions using food and alcohol, she found that an integrated health and wellness approach addressing all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit was the key to long-lasting happiness and success and is now passionate about helping her clients do the same. She loves taking her 2 mini schnauzers and one giant on a hike, tending her goats and chickens on her farm, and sitting on the couch!

Kacie is a Navy wife, mom of two, veteran client of EAWC, and certified as an ACE-personal trainer & PN nutrition coach. She’s an expert at doing things she said she never would (running a half marathon, competing in Crossfit) and keeps the trains on the tracks behind the scenes.

We guarantee that our team of online weight loss coaches will be available and accessible to provide everything you need to develop the skills to lose weight for good.

"We treat you the way we would treat our own moms, sisters, daughters, and best friends. Because we know that change from a place of love is the only kind that sticks."

More Real Moms. More Real Results.

“I’m stronger, I have muscle tone, I feel younger than I did in my early 20s. ~Kelly N.

“It’s the best program out there because you truly learn to create healthy habits.” ~Maureen W.

“What attracted me to this program was the 1:1 coaching.” ~Richelle C.

I’ve learned so much and come so far in the last 12 weeks. I’m thrilled with how my relationship with food and diet mentality has changed.

I’ve learned so much and come so far in the last 12 weeks. Despite having COVID at the beginning, I am still so happy with my results. Mostly, I’m thrilled with how my relationship with food and diet mentality has changed. I also know that I don’t need to spend hours a day in the gym to get results. I’ve ditched my all-or-nothing thinking, too. -Anna S.

The best money I've ever spent on myself.

I feel this program has given me more control (better understanding), yet I don’t feel controlled or restricted at all. I’m eating more calories than I have in a long time and continue to see progress, even while having treats. I’ve lived a “diet” life full of restriction and thought deprivation was just part of the deal. I was so wrong. I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food and this has helped tremendously. I’ve been making changes that alter my quality of life and will stick long after coaching ends. - Brenda F.

I'm eating more calories than I have in a long time and continue to see progress, even while having treats.

Gone For Good is an extremely well researched and thought out program. I’ve struggled with binge eating and strong cravings for greasy and salty food my entire life. Not the case any longer! I still enjoy eating but no longer with stress and guilt. This program is not one-size-fits-all; I felt that my experience was tailored just for me and my specific quirks. This was the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. It has spilled positivity over into all areas of my life. I can’t thank these women enough.- Brenda F.

I have a healthier relationship with food and the scale, tI’ve lost some inches and can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in 7 years. I’m more confident and feel freer.

Working with EA Coaching has been a superb experience. When I joined, I felt stuck in my weight loss journey and unsure of what to do. It provided me with the tools I needed to continue forward. It is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to be consistent in the things that matter. It also provides highly valuable training to help you with your mindset, the thing that gets in the way of most of our progress. Developing a belief that I can reach my goals has helped me so much. I have a healthier relationship with food and the scale, I’ve lost some inches and can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in 7 years. I’m more confident and feel freer. It’s totally worth the investment. You will wonder why you didn’t sign up sooner. I learned so much and I’m so appreciative of all that everyone has done to help me and others on this journey. - Shamika H.


How is this different from what I’ve done before?

All the ways. Our online weight loss coaching program is all-encompassing.  It’s about connection, community, and helping you address the root issues that have held you back from losing weight for good and becoming the healthiest, happiest, most confident version of yourself.

How do I know if Gone For Good is right for me?

 If you’re reading this, it’s probably for you. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and really want there to be a better way, you’re in luck! That’s what we’re teaching you. 

If you’re just in it for rapid & unsustainable weight loss or will refuse to scratch beneath the surface and address the root issues that are holding you back, this isn’t the program for you.

What is covered week to week?

Click here to see the weekly breakdown of how we teach you to lose weight and keep it off, what’s included, our approach, and more.

Do you calculate my starting targets (calories/macros)?

Of course. We do as much of the leg work as we possibly can, shy of showing up at your house with veggies & a whip. We want you to learn as you go so we’ll teach you all about macros and the “intangible” skills that are just as important as tracking when it comes to maintaining your weight!

Will you give me a meal plan?

We care about you being successful long-term which means teaching you how to do things on your own, not become reliant on us. We do give you an easy as 1,2,3 meal planning template, you can brainstorm with your coach, and we have hundreds of easy recipes we’ve already created for you in MyFitnessPal.

Will I have to eat different meals than my family?

Not necessarily, though I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to skip out on the 4th night in a row of dino nuggets & shredded cheese.

Will I have to give up X food?

I’m not gonna so I wouldn’t ask you to, either. You call the shots. Nothing is off limits, nothing is mandatory. We’re here to help you learn what foods help you feel your best and reach your goals, the end.

Will you help me figure out meal planning/prep?

Duh. And we’ll help you do it in a way that works for your family, which means not missing out on sports games to cook all weekend, not stinking up the lunch room with reheated fish, and not needing to make a separate dinner from the rest of your family.

Will you help me figure out how to eat more protein?

Mhmm. And without guzzling egg whites by the carton, eating a bunch of Frankenfoods, or needing to steal a cow to make it happen.

Can I still drink alcohol?

Sure can. Especially at awkward family dinners. I, personally, love my weekly Bloody Mary. Depending on how much you drink, we may encourage you to drink less but we’ll never tell you you have to cut it out entirely.

Do you provide workouts?

Sure do. We even give you options! We provide a new progressive strength program each month, as well as a Peloton workout calendar if you can’t bear the thought of missing a blue dot. If you prefer to do your own thing, that’s cool, too.

Will it be hard?

Not as hard as childbirth! Like, by a long shot. Honestly, I know a lot of what you’ve done in the past to try to lose weight has really sucked but it doesn’t have to be that way. 


Our goal is to help you learn what matters (and it’s not just exercise and nutrition)  and for you to get to a point where it really does feel pretty easy most of the time. 


There’s a learning curve with anything new & sometimes things come up that are uncomfortable. There will also definitely be times when you just don’t want to do the things and you have to keep going. We’ll be there to support you through those inevitabilities and help you develop the tools to do so on your own after the program ends.

Gone For Good is not your typical online weight loss coaching program....

We know that healthy, happy, confident women have the power to impact their families, communities, and change the world and that we have to start from the inside out.

We know that prioritizing yourself and your health will unleash confidence and focus you need to get the most out of your life.We know that you have ability to overcome any obstacle standing in your way – and we’ll help you develop the skills & tools you need to do just that.

We get to know YOU, as an entire human being, & surround you with the guidance, support, & accountability you need to thrive in all the pillars for lasting change: nutrition, exercise, mindset, & lifestyle.

Why Act Now?

In order to help everyone in the way we want to, we have a cap on how many women we can support before our coaches are too full! And when they’re full, we’re full!

So, don’t wait to get in on this right now, because your life isn’t going to wait for you to finally lose the weight… It’s going by whether you’re enjoying it or not! This is the first choice of the rest of your new life.