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If you’re tired of gaining and losing the same weight, feeling like you’re the only person out there struggling, and want to learn how to lose weight and live your healthiest, happiest, and most confident life – without perpetual dieting – this podcast is for you. Fitness industry veteran, certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist & coach, Esther Avant, will help you learn how to enjoy the process of truly changing your lifestyle and guest interviews will help you realize you are not alone in your struggles.

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Ep 61 Meet Coach Emilia

61. Coach Spotlight: Meet Emilia

Part 1/3 of our Meet Our Coaches series: Emilia.

Coach Emilia is a mom of 2 girls, head coach at F45, and EA Coaching 1:1 & Club coach.

Tune in to get to know her and the advice she has to help you reach your goals.

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Ep 57 Building a Reputation with Yourself with Meg Davis podcast image

57. Building a Reputation With Yourself with Meg Davis

How often do you set goals you never reach? Or tell yourself you’re not going to do a certain thing and then do it, anyway?

Most of us can relate to not following through on the things we say we’re going to do but don’t necessarily realize the damage we’re doing in the process.

Today’s episode with EA Head Coach, Meg Davis, is about the concept of self-reputation and how you can start rebuilding yours.

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