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If you’re tired of gaining and losing the same weight, feeling like you’re the only person out there struggling, and want to learn how to lose weight and live your healthiest, happiest, and most confident life – without perpetual dieting – this podcast is for you. Fitness industry veteran, certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist & coach, Esther Avant, will help you learn how to enjoy the process of truly changing your lifestyle and guest interviews will help you realize you are not alone in your struggles.

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Ep 112 Losing Weight While Traveling

112. Losing Weight While Traveling

Is traveling one of the big monkey wrenches that’s making it impossible to lose weight?

Whether you’re traveling for work or for pleasure, you don’t want to miss this:

Kerri is down 45+ pounds over the last 15 months while traveling multiple times per month and she’s dishing all her secrets on this week’s episode of the Live Diet-Free podcast.

Steal her and Coach Meg’s best tips to go from constantly stressing about upcoming trips to navigating them – and their temptations – with ease!

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111. Client Spotlight: Christine

Curious what maintenance is like?

Foundations grad, Christine, is here to share her experience maintaining a 25lb weight loss over the last year.

Learn what’s changed in her life and how she sees herself that she credits with her success.

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How to Be Your Future Self Now

110. How to Be Your Future Self Now

Do you have a vision for your future or are you too busy putting out fires to give any thought to where you want to be in a few years? Not having a connection to what we want in the future all but guarantees we’ll get more of the same.

If you’re ready to Be Your Future Self Now and learn the science of intentional transformation, this review of the book by Dr. Benjamin Hardy will help you do just that.

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Starting to Think Like a Healthy Person

109. Starting to Think Like a Healthy Person

Does making healthy choices really get easier?!

Will it ever actually be effortless to say no to temptations or get up when your alarm goes off?

This week’s episode of the Live Diet-Free podcast is all about how to think like a healthy person and what it really means to make those choices more automatically. (It’s not what you think).

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Client Spotlight: Martha

107. Client Spotlight: Martha

Meet Martha: She felt like she’d tried all the diets out there and didn’t know if there was any hope to lose weight.

Then she started thinking about how helpful it was to have a coach when she was a softball player and signed up for 1:1 coaching.

Don’t miss Martha’s words of wisdom about how to turn coaching into a lifelong change to your lifestyle.

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