119. [Jen’s Story] Using Grief As The Catalyst For Transformation

When Jen found herself suddenly widowed at 48, instead of turning to food and alcohol for comfort, she became more committed than ever to changing her life to be her healthiest for her kids.

In working with Coach Meg for the last several months, she’s done exactly that.

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While the almost 40 pounds and more than 30″ she’s lost are impressive, it’s her vulnerability and the mental progress she’s made that you’ll be the most blown away by.

Who is Jen?

Jen has always considered herself to be a successful person in many areas of her life…except for one.

She always struggled with her weight and was a chronic dieter jumping from one thing to the next hoping to find something that would stick.

She was hyper aware of how her body looked and how much the scale told her she weighed.

Then one day, her world stopped when her husband of 24 years passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack.

It was then that Jen made a promise to herself and her kids to become the healthiest version of herself no matter what the scale said.

She found EA Coaching and decided that it was time to let go of her all-or-nothing thoughts around weight loss and get the support she needed to dig deeper into the mindset shifts she would need to make to keep her promise.

The Importance of Vulnerability

Jen had previously experienced bouts of emotional eating and she knew that she was vulnerable to returning to those old habits given the circumstances in her life.

So what did she do instead?

She told herself that if she was going to make this commitment to her health then she was going to do it all the way and that included being honest and open when she slipped up.

When her husband died, she felt like she lost her biggest cheerleader and the person she could be the most vulnerable with.

She knew that if she wanted to find success in this coaching program that she would have to find a way to be vulnerable with someone else.

Through that vulnerability, Jen was able to open up to Meg about her struggles (and successes) and the two of them have been able to walk through the process together in a way that has helped Jen see physical and emotional successes.

Now What?

Since beginning the program, Jen has lost almost 40 pounds and over 30 inches so she’s obviously carrying around less weight, but the mindset shifts she’s made will allow her to carry a much lighter mental load going forward.

Jen recognizes now that how she speaks to (and about) herself and the actions she takes towards reaching her goals have a ripple effect in all the other areas of her life.

She has learned to recognize how her emotions effect her, but also learned how to manage them in a way that keeps her moving forward towards the life she wants to create.

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