156. [Liz’s Story] How Leaning On Your Support System Expedites Your Success

A week or two into our Gone For Good coaching program, Liz was feeling like a new woman: energy through the roof, headaches gone, finally getting glimpses of feeling like herself.

And then as life has a way of doing, the perfect storm of “life stuff” knocked her down a few pegs.

Normally self-motivated, she couldn’t bring herself to do, well, anything except for lay on the couch.

She could have wallowed in the “grind” she was experiencing but she did something else, instead.

She reached out to her coach, Amber, and told her how she was feeling. She made it a priority to attend group coaching calls to surround herself with the support she needed to pull herself out of this funk.

And it worked! Instead of this doom and gloom sticking around for weeks and really setting her back, within a week she was feeling just as good as she had been. The improvements of learning to put the right fuel in her body and letting go of the dozens of food “rules” that had been bogging her down were undeniable and they’ve just kept coming.

Tune into this episode as Liz and I discuss how leaning on your support system can expedite your results, how to feel comfortable reaching out for help when you have a problem you don’t know the answer to, and some of the non-scale benefits that are making Liz’s life so much easier and more enjoyable!

Listen to this week’s episode:

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