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66. How to Do the Work Most People Won’t

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In This Episode

In this episode of the Live Diet Free podcast, we’re talking about the work that it actually takes to achieve your results and how to do the work that most people won’t.

A while back I made a post on social media that was a graphic saying to get results that others won’t, you have to put in effort that others won’t. 

There were two really interesting themes that came out in the comments.

One was that the effort you put in needs to be the RIGHT effort.

Another was that just because you’ve tried to lose weight over and over again and haven’t gotten results doesn’t make you lazy.  It has much more to do with the approach that we take in getting to the goal.

The reality is that most people who lose weight gain it back.

And my ultimate goal is to help you be in the minority of people who lose it and then keep it off. 

Making an effort that other people won’t isn’t all  about exercise and nutrition.  Weight loss is so much more complex than that.

We need to look at all the other aspects of your life, too – relationships, boundaries, time management, self-concept, what you value in your life…

They all play a role.  

So the deeper work is really about figuring out what your actual obstacles are and how to get to the root issue. 

Many people don’t take it to this level, so the meal plans and workouts and things they’re doing on the surface are really more of a band-aid solution.  They’re still important, but there’s so much more that you need to work through.

If you find yourself knowing the steps you’re supposed to take but wondering:

Why am I not doing those things consistently? 

Why don’t they feel like they are sticking and becoming habitual? 

Why is this not the person that I am becoming? 

What are the outside factors that are preventing me from making this one of my top priorities and doing it consistently to the point that it starts to feel less effortful? 

This is the episode for you.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why weight loss is about so much more than nutrition and exercise
  • Why so many people struggle with keeping the weight off
  • A simple exercise to understand more about why you’ve struggled to lose weight and keep it off in the past

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