85. Part 2: Change Your Personality to Become Who You Want To Be

85. Part 2: Change Your Personality to Become Who You Want To Be Podcast image

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Welcome to the 2nd in this 2-part book review of Personality Isn’t Permanent: Break Free from Self-Limiting Beliefs and Rewrite Your Story, by Benjamin Hardy, which is all about how you can actually change your personality to become who you want to be.  

Part 1 was all about the past, and I talked a lot about Hardy’s views on personality (and the myths surrounding it), the difference between fixed and growth mindsets and how current research is changing our perspective on what personality is. If you haven’t already listened to that episode, go back and check it out

In this episode, we’re focusing more on the future and how you can shift your personality to support your goals.

Hardy says: 
“If you are unwilling to put yourself through emotional experience, shift your perspective and make purposeful changes to your behavior and environment, then don’t expect huge changes.”

We know this is true, right?  When it comes to career, weight loss, relationships or any other area of your life – if you want big results, you have to be willing to approach things differently than you’ve done them before.

It’s why a particular strategy, meal plan or workout schedule may work for one person and not another.  Because we often overlook the rest of the work – cultivating the emotions, perspective and environment that support your goal.

He also talks about “taking practice reps” for who you want to be.  Setting small goals and racking up small wins to start building confidence and a reputation with yourself.  Each time you take an opportunity to take those practice reps, you’re casting a vote, putting another check in the column of that person you are becoming.  And the more you do it, the easier it gets.

We also dive into making decisions based on what your future self (not your present self) wants, the three sources of goals and how to maintain high levels of motivation.

What I really hope you take away from these episodes is that your personality isn’t fixed or permanent.  It’s trained, and it can change.  You never have to feel stuck. You can choose, design and take action towards becoming a different version of yourself and living a life that you didn’t think was possible. 


You’ll Learn:

  • Why you need more that tactics to get results
  • The value in noticing small moments
  • How to use your future self as a guide to the actions you take today
  • How to recognize why you are engaging in certain behaviors and make sure they align with your goals
  • The roles your environment and social group play in the journey to your goal


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