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How many women can we help become healthier, happier and more confident? ​

More if we work together!

Introducing EA Coaching

Ambassador Referral Program

We’ve created our Ambassador Referral Program so that we’re better able to have a global impact through charitable donations, create a ripple effect in our communities by helping more women feel great about themselves, and to say “thank you” to clients like you for introducing us to your friends & family!

Make a global impact

For every introduction you make, whether they become a client or not, and every public Facebook group post you make on your personal page or in interest groups sharing your progress/experience and tagging us, we will donate $10 to the RIP Medical Debt, which will erase $1,000(!) of medical debt through this non-profit that empowers donors to forgive billions of dollars in oppressive medical debt and remove the burden of medical debt for individuals and families and veterans across America.

RIP uses donors’ funds to buy and forgive the debt for those in or near the poverty level, send forgiveness notices to the benefiting families, and help the recipients repair their credit reports.

Click the link below to learn how you are supporting them with every introduction you make.

For every introduction you make who does become a client, we’ll also be supporting Kiva, a non-profit that helps crowd source loans and unlock capital with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities. We’ll send you a Kiva Card that you can use to help fund any of the opportunities on the site, whether someone local to you or in a country across the world.

Almost all of the loans are repaid so it’s up to you whether you want to continue to reinvest the $ or fund another.

Click the link below to learn how you are supporting them with every new client you refer.

Have a ripple effect

It’s hard to quantify the impact a simple introduction can create. Not only can it lead someone to coaching and support that can change their lives forever, but it changes the lives of innumerable others, from their children, spouses, and coworkers, even to all the people those people encounter.

Nothing can deepen a relationship more than a recommendation to something that can have such a life changing impact. Anyone would be grateful that you care enough about them and their success to offer them the help and support they need.

Besides the direct impact you are having, they too will likely refer other women, thus creating the ripple effect and legacy that started with you.


We have 2 simple ways you can introduce your friends & family to us! If you want to be a little more hands-off and have Esther reach out with a message or email, you can fill out this form and I’ll do all the leg work:

If you’d rather be a little more involved (it’d probably make them feel more comfortable), use the 3 steps below:

Step 1 - Get their permission

Just let your friends and peers know about us, what we do and ask if they’d be interested in learning how to become healthier, happier, and more confident through our programs.

Step 2 - Invite them into our free, public Facebook Group, Live Diet-Free

(You can do this before or after making the intro). Just use the link below:

Step 3 - Copy & Paste (or make it your own)

Start a FB message with you, me (Esther Avant on FB), and your friend. (Email works, too, if that’s more natural for you – please use

Use the message below or write one that sounds like you – don’t make it weird! lol:

Hey [NAME] & Esther!

[NAME], meet my nutrition coach! She and her co-coach, [YOUR COACHES NAME] are helping me lose weight without another crazy diet! I’m losing pounds and inches and I can eat like a normal person. Nothing is off limits and I’m actually enjoying the process! I know they could help you do the same.

Esther, this is my good friend [NAME] who I was telling you about. [NAME] is just as sick of dieting as I was and is motivated to lose weight for the last time. I know guys you can help her do that! I know you’ll take good care of her like you are me!

I’ll let you two take it from here. Let me know if you need anything!

That’s really it! Once you make the intro, I’ll take it from there, & make sure she feels seen, heard, and understood. No pressure, no hard selling, no excessive follow-up.


Lasting weight loss that doesn’t feel miserable and require sacrificing health or quality of life has evaded too many women for too long. Without you, the women in your life may never learn how simple (and dare I say, easy) it really is and may never live their healthiest, happiest, and most confident lives.

Don’t worry whether timing is perfect or they’re in the right headspace…let’s get it on their radar now.

Don’t worry if it’ll be weird to bring up (they’ll actually trust and respect you more for caring enough about them to ask)

Don’t worry whether they can afford it…let’s just get it on their radar now.

If they ask about the price, let them know we have a couple of payment options that we can discuss on a call.

Making introductions gives you the opportunity to help the women you care about the most learn to live their best lives.


When it comes to growing our 1:1 coaching program, I’ve decided to put most of our advertising dollars into our ambassador program because I want to continue working with women just like you. Rather than spending money on cold advertising, I’d rather reinvest it into you and your friends and peers that you introduce to us.

  • Benefits for you: Special, curated gifts (think spa treatments, subscription boxes, etc) or cold, hard cash of equal value, become the person your loved ones have to thank for helping change their lives, not having to hear your coworkers and friends whine about their latest miserable diet! We’ll contact you whenever someone you’ve introduced signs up!
  • Benefits for your friends & family: “Starting Success” gift bundle, 1-free month of the Club, finally breaking the diet cycle, and more…
  • Benefits for EA Coaching: Sustainable growth, the opportunity to serve more women who need our help, getting to share the wealth with you!